Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introduction ( SwaParichayam)

I have always had a great passion for cooking and enjoying food.I like to experiment and flavorise my dishes with a touch of Indian spices.

As a child I grew up eating fresh greens , veggies and fruits.I was brought-up on the banks of river Godavari( in Rajahmundry ) in Andhra Pradesh,India. The place where I grew is known as "Konaseema famous for its scenic greenery and vedic scholars".It is one of the most fertile lands present and is rich in Coconut trees, Mango groves and Paddy fields.

As a child I always watched and helped my mom in the kitchen.She really makes great dishes.Everyone in our family ,friends and relatives enjoyed /enjoy my mom's cooking .As I grew up my passion for cooking intensified.After my marriage I moved to USA and came across lots of new kinds of veggies and fruits that I had never seen before .This gave much thrill and excitement to my cooking as I learnt to Indianise these western veggies.

I thought it would be a great idea to share my recipes to my friends near and far. As people are starting to believe more in VEGAN and VEGETARIAN cooking,they can find some variation and new flavors in my dishes.These vegetarian recipes are good for people who are ALLERGIC to milk,wheat,eggs and meat products.

I believe that cooking should always be fun and food should not be boring.Hope you all enjoy my recipes.Please leave your valuable comments for my recipes.

Wish You All Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating.

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