Friday, February 10, 2012

SnakeGourd flavored with Sesame-Flax Seed Powder/Potlakaya-Nuvvula Podi Kura

Today I am sharing a very simple and healthy curry made with snakegourd/potlakaya which is flavored with Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder.

This is how the recipe is made-------------

Main Ingredients :
Snake Gourd.............................2 (med. size)
Sesame-Flax Powder................1tbsp(or as per your taste)

Seasoning Ingredients :
Canola Oil.........................2tsp
Mustard Seeds.................1/4tsp
Cumin Seeds....................1/4tsp
Red Chilly........................2 pieces

Preparation :
Wash the snakegourd and cut them into small pieces and pressure cook them for 1 whistle.Once the veggies cool down squeeze the water from the stemed veggies and keep them aside.

Place a pan on the stove and add oil to it.Once the oil heats up add mustard seeds,cumin seeds and red chilly to the pan.Once they start to splutter add asafoetida to the seasoning.

Now once the seasoning is ready add the cooked snakegourd(water is already squeezed) to the pan and stir well and cook for a minute.

Now add the Sesame-Flax Seed Powder to the pan of veggies and mix well so that all the flavors blend in well.

Delicious and healthy SnakeGourd Curry flavored with Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder is ready to be served.

Note :

In this curry I did not use any salt as there was enough of it in the Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder to flavor the curry.

This recipe is going to CWF-WS:Sesame Seeds Event being guest hosted by Revathi of Kaarasaaram .

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Healthy Food for Healthy Kids-Baby Food (8months-10months) : Lentils Event

Hi Friends, Today I am here with an Event Announcement.I am very happy to announce that "Healthy Food for Healthy Kids-Baby Food (8months-10months) : Lentils Event started by Nithu is being guest hosted by me.This is such a wonderful event concentrating on baby foods.It helps all the would-be moms and moms of little ones to get many wonderful recipes through this event.

Come on and join hands with me in making this event a great success by sending your delicious and healthy recipes.Thank you Nithu for giving me the opportunity to host this wonderful event.

Rules for the Event are :
1. Post any vegetarian recipe prepared using lentils (Eg. Soup, Rasam, Dhal, Pongal ) that you feel suitable for babies between 8 months to 10 months of age. You can combine any fruit or vegetable with lentil to make it more healthy.

2. Link you recipes to this announcement page and Nithu's Event announcement page .

3. Logo is mandatory as that helps spread word.

4. Don't worry if you have your recipes in your archives. Just update the post with the link to this announcement and Nithu's event announcement page. Adding logo is important.

5. Send your entries to with the subject line as ‘Healthy Food for Healthy Kids-Baby Food (8-10 Months)-Lentils' with the below details.

Name :

Blog Name :

Recipe Name :

Recipe URL :

Picture of your recipe :

6. Non-bloggers are welcome to send in their recipes. Send recipe in full with the picture and the same subject line as above.

7. Person who sends highest number of entries will be declared as the Winner of the Month. A winner badge will be awarded by Nithu which you can proudly post in your blog:-)

8. I'll acknowledge your entries within 3 days else leave a comment in this announcement.

Note :

There are few important things that we should be keep in mind while we prepare food for babies.

1. Please wash hands before preparing baby food.

2. Wash fruits and vegetables before cooking.

3. Wash blender jar in clean water before blending anything for your little one.

4. Don't over cook or under cook.

5. Please avoid additives like sugar, salt & fat. If you still want to use, keep them in minimum.

6. Most important thing is consult pediatrician regarding the food that may pose allergic risks to your baby.

7. Please don't use honey till your little one is one year old. Honey may cause rare form of food poisoning in babies.

8. Avoid nuts in baby food preparation as they may pose allergy.

9. Use separate vessels and a small pressure cooker to prepare baby food.

Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder

Today I am sharing with you all a delicious and healthy spice powder with sesame seeds and flax seeds.It is very simple and easy to make this yummy spice powder.It is very delicious when mixed with warm/hot rice and ghee/oil.You can use this powder as a topping for curries instead of using chilly powder.

Let us see how this healthy spice powder is made----------------

Main Ingredients :

Sesame Seeds......................1/2cup
Flax Seeds...........................1/2cup
Dry Red Chilly......................7 taste

Preparation :

Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat.Once the pan is hot add the sesame seeds and start toasting them.Stay near the stove and keep stirring on and off so that the seeds don't burn.We need to keep toasting till the sesame seeds turn into golden color.Once they are done transfer the seeds to a plate and let it cool.

Now add the flax seeds to the hot pan and start toasting them.Once you see the flax seeds change color and can feel the aroma of toasted seeds transfer the flax seeds to a plate and let them cool.

Now add red chillies to the hot pan and dry roast them till they get crispy.Once they are done transfer them to a plate and let them cool down too.

Let the sesame seeds,flax seeds and chillies cool down.

Once the ingredients cool down,tranfer to a blender/mixie ,add salt and grind it to a coarse powder.

Delicious and spicy Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder is ready to be served.Try it and you will love it.

Note :

1) Do not brown the seeds or burn them.If you over toast the seeds the powder might taste bitter.

2) You can use white or brown sesame seeds for making this powder.When using brown sesame seeds keep an eye on the seeds while toasting because the color might be deceiving.

3) Use red chilly according to your taste.You can increase the spice or reduce it too.

4) This powder stays fresh for 15 days.

This recipe goes to CWF-WS:Sesame Seeds guest hosted by Revathi of Kaarasaaram .
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