Sunday, August 12, 2012

Healthy Diet Food Event - Healthy Juices

I am back with guest hosting a wonderful Healthy Diet Food Event started by Priya of Priya's Versatile Recipes and the theme for this month is Healthy Juices.All of us enjoy juices and particularly during summer juices give instant nourishment to our body.Instead of going for artificial flavored juices,it is always good to drink the natural homemade  fruit and vegetable juices that provide us with lots of natural vitamins,minerals and fiber.

Healthy juices can be made just with a single fruit or a single vegetable/greens or in combination of fruits and vegatables.There are no added salts or sugars in them.When kids are introduced to healthy juices at a young age they too would learn and love to enjoy them.

Let's start juicing and share the wonderful recipes with everyone out there --------------

To participate in this event,here is what you need to do :

1)Make juices with fruits or vegetables or in combination of both fruits and veggies from Aug12th to Sep12th 2012.

2)Post as many juice recipes as you can in your blog  and share them with us.Multiple entries per person are allowed.

3)Link back your entry to this Healthy Diet Event-Healthy Juices announcement page and to Priya's hostline up page.

4)Old entries are accepted, if they are reposted and linked to this page and to Priya's hostline up page.

5)Usage of  logo is very much appreciated.

6)Please send all your Healthy Juice Recipes on or before Sep12th 2012 to with the following details :

a)  Your Name. 

b)  Blog Name with URL.       

c) Name of the Recipe with its URL

d) A picture that is 200 pix wide.

7) Non-Bloggers can send their Juice Recipes to e-mail listed above.

Looking forward to seeing all your Healthy Juice Recipes .

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healthy Peanut Chikki/Peanut Brittle with AgaveNectar made in Microwave

I love peanuts but as a member of my family is allergic I never buy them.After many long years recently I bought a pack of peanuts just to make a delicious dish for the CWF-LB:Peanuts being hosted by Reshmi.Thank you Reshmi for guest hosting the CWF Event from Feb 10th - Apr10th.Here comes my delicious Peanut Chikki/Peanut Brittle for your event.

I am sure that this is the first time you are coming across a peanut chikki with agave nectar and it is definitely unique(you won't find it anywhere on the internet) and one of a kind with all the advantages of 1) being a healthy snack 2) has only two ingredients and is done in five minutes.

This chikki/brittle can be made very easily in a microwave and the only ingredients you need are peanuts and agave nectar.Let us see how this simple and healthy snack is made......................

Main Ingredients :
Agave Nectar.....................................1/2 cup
Roasted Unsalted Peanuts...................1&1/4 cup

Procedure :
Place the agave nectar in a deep microwave safe bowl and cook it on high for 1 min.After the first minute take a spoon and stir the agave nectar and place the bowl back in the microwave.From now on cook the agave for 4minutes more but make sure that for every 30 sec you take the bowl out , stir it and put it back.

(Note : If you do not take the bowl out every 30sec the boiling agave will spill out of the bowl.So stop the microwave for every 30sec and stir the agave).

While the agave is boiling take a plate and coat it with ghee or butter and keep it aside.Get the roasted peanuts ready.

After total of 5min is done take a drop of the boiling agave and place it in a plate of cold water,the drop of agave nectar should be thick and should hold its shape.

Now carefully take the bowl of hot agave nectar out of the microwave and pour the peanuts into this bowl and coat them well with the agave nectar.

Now transfer the peanut-agave mixture to the butter coated plate and spread the mixture.Once the peanut-agave spread starts to cool down and the brittle starts to thicken cut the brittle in desired shapes and enjoy them.

Delicious and healthy Peanut Chikki is ready to be served.

1) This peanut brittle/chikki is very healthy as we are using only two ingredients....peanuts and agave nectar as sweetener.

2) This brittle has chewy texture.It is not very hard.

This Healthy Peanut Chikki is linked to the CWF-LB: Peanut Event being guest hosted by Reshmi of Rasoi.

This recipe is also being linked to MEC Event guest hosted by Nalini and started by Srivalli .

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Round-Up of Healthy Food for Healthy Kids-Baby Food(8months to 10 months) : Lentils Event

Today I am posting the round up of Healthy Food for Healthy Kids- Baby Food(8 months to 10 months) : Lentils Event.I am sorry for the delay in posting the round-up. I thank my fellow bloggers who shared their recipes with us for this event and also thanks to Nithu for letting me host this event.

Thank you Jaleela for sending maximum number(5) of recipes for this event. You are the winner of this event and soon you will be getting the Winner's Badge from Nithu.

I am posting the recipes in the order I received --------------------

1) Baby Pongal by Asiya Omar from My Healthy Happy Kitchen .

2) Spinach Dal by Asiya Omar from My Healthy Happy Kitchen .

5) Carrot Sambar by Jaleela from Cookbookjaleela .

8) Paruppu Sadam  by Nithu from Nithu's Kitchen .

9) Rice and Dhal Porridge - Baby Food by Nithu from Nithu's Kitchen .

Once again thank you all for sharing your delicious dishes for this event.

Muddapappu/Simple Daal for Little Ones

This is one simple and healthy legume dish that can be enjoyed by everyone , yes everyone including the little ones starting from 8 months of age.

Let us see how this yummy dish is prepared-------------

Main Ingredients :
Toor Daal............................1/4 cup
Water..................................1cup/as required taste

Preparation :
First we need to dry roast the daal. Place a pan on the stove on medium heat and add toor daal to it and dry roast it till it starts giving out the aroma.

Once it is toasted switch off the stove and transfer the daal to a cooking bowl and rinse the daal with cold water.Once the daal is rinsed add a cup of water and place it in the pressure cooker and cook it for 4 whistles and switch off the stove.

Once the cooker cools down remove the cooked daal and add salt and mix it well with a spoon.

The Simple Daal/Muddapappu is ready to be served with warm rice and ghee/clarified butter.

Note :
1) It is always good to dry roast the daal before you pressure cook it. It helps with better digestion for anyone and mainly little kids.

2) For feeding the little ones mash the daal along with well-cooked rice and add little ghee to it and feed them.

3) You can also give this daal as a soup to the little ones by adding more water while cooking it.

4) If you like you can add mashed veggies like carrots to this daal .

This goes to the Healthy Food for Healthy Kids -Baby Food (8 to 10 months) : Lentils Event being guest hosted by me which is brain-child of Nithu from Nithu's Kitchen.
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