Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Participating in "The 30 Best Recipes of 2010 Event" hosted by Chackos Kitchen

This is the first time I am participating in the 30 Best Recipes Event hosted by Chackos Kitchen and am very excited about it.I like all the recipes I posted in my blog because each and every recipe is cooked , tasted and enjoyed by our whole family.If my kids love the recipe, it is posted in my blog otherwise it does not get posted.

The recipes I choose to send to the 30 Best Recipes Event are-------------------

The reason I chose to send both these recipes to this event is that in both these recipes there is uniqueness.

The first recipe is a combination of different peels and stalks which are generally discarded considering as a waste.It is known that lots of nutrients are there in the peels/skin of the veggies and fruits, so why waste them, instead turn into a healthy chutney.The combination sounds odd but you will definitely love the flavor of the chutney.

The second recipe I chose is again a good combination of a veggie peel full of nutrients, a healthy grain and a healthy legume and on top of it ,it is fat-free.What more can we ask for than such a healthy dosa ?We can enjoy this for any meal of the day without any guilt.

Wishing all the participants the very best.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tasty and Healthy Juices on Thursdays : Juice Recipe # 22

As warm weather receeded and the cold air approached we started enjoying fresh fruit in their natural form than making juices.Few days back I had some fruit waiting to be finished and no one was in the mood to eat them ,so I ended up making juice which was an instant hit.

Juice Recipe # 22 :


We need the following ingredients for making this juice----------------

Red Grapes................1bunch(small)

Preparation :
Rinse the fruits under cold water.Clean the pineapple by trimming the outer layer and cut it into long pieces.Peel the tangerines, clementine and orange and core the apple.Now juice the citrus fruits followed by  an apple followed by grapes followed by another apple followed by pineapple followed by ginger.Stir the collected juice in the bowl with a ladle so that the juices blend in and serve the juice immediately.

This yielded 2 large glasses and 1 small glass of juice.The juice was yellow in color.


1) The juice was very delicious.With the juicer pulp I made halwa (just like the recipe in here) and it tasted very delicious.

2) As always, do check if the ingredients used in the juices are okay for you ,before you make these juices.

3) In a juicer always try to juice the soft fruit followed by hard fruits so that you can get the maxium juice out of the soft fruits.

4) A food that is healthy for one person may or may not be healthy for an other person.Always check with your doctor before you try these raw juices.

Holiday Shopping Just a Click Away : CSN Stores

Many of us in the blog world have had an unique opportunity to promote or review or giveaway various  products from CSN Stores.With Thanksgiving just few days away, festivity is in the air and all of us are busy shopping for our near and dear ones.Instead of rushing through the crowded doors of the stores, why not just try to browse through the numerous products available online at CSN Stores and buy an appropriate gift for everyone in the family within your budget. Sling BackPacks make a great gift to everyone as they come very handy for school,work or travel.

CSN Stores is definitely the online stores to visit for wide range of products for any age group and  for any budget.Soon I will be reviewing one of their products, meanwhile visit their stores and make your holdiay shopping easy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's (3T's) : Nov 16th 2010

Dear Readers , today I am sharing with you all a simple and delicious dip that is easy to make and hearty to tasty.I tried this dip from a website that has simple and quick recipe ideas for parties.This dip is great with toast,corn chips,veggies and we even loved it just by itself.

Here is the tried and tasted recipe for the day----------------

While I was just browsing around I came across this simple and healthy gaucomole dip  recipe.The word spicy got my attention and I immediately followed the recipe given there.I followed most part of the recipe as is except that I reduced the quantity and made few changes.

We love the food spicy but not too hot that my kids can't enjoy.I used Paprika(less spicy) instead of Cayyene Pepper(very spicy) and I did not use red chillies as I already used jalapenos in there.The jalapenos I used were bottled ones so they were not very spicy either.The flavors of garlic,finely chopped red onion,lemon juice and olive oil with  a pinch of blackpepper made the dip delicious.I made it more flavorful by adding few leaves of cilantro.

Please visit the website Great Party Recipes for the recipe I posted here today.Another great way to add Avocado to your diet.Try it and you will definitely love it.Will be back with more tried and tasted recipes next Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's (3T's) : Nov 9th 2010

Dear Readers , today I am sharing with you all a simple,delicious and healthy soup recipe that I tried from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.I wanted to make something nice and warm for the cold and rainy evening and ended up making this soup.

Here is the tried and tasted recipe for the day----------------

1) Curried - Zucchini Soup from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.

While I was googling for a simple and healthy recipe for zucchini soup, I came across this delicious recipe.As we are not much of sweet lovers,the addition of curry-powder to the soup got my attention ,and immediately tried this recipe.It was not mentioned as to what kind of curry-powder to be used in the recipe,so I used the homemade curry-powder that I had handy.

I followed the entire recipe as is.This soup was very tasty and just right for the cold and rainy evening.In the recipe, it was mentioned to serve the soup with toasted almonds.I did not garnish the soup with almonds as there were allergy concerns.If you like to, you can definitely add toasted almonds.

Please go to for the recipe I posted here today.Try it and you will love it.Will be back with more tried and tasted recipes next Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's (3T's) : Nov 2nd 2010

Today I am sharing 2 delicious,healthy and yummy recipes that I tried and tasted from  2 wonderful bloggers.Both the recipes turned out very yummy and will definitely make them again.Without further delay here are the tried and tasted recipes of the day------------

1) Avocado Chutney from OH TASTE N SEE by Dennise . 

I followed the entire recipe as suggested by her and it turned out very delicious.Enjoyed the buttery(from Avocado),tangy(from tomato and tamarind) ,sweet(from onion) and spicy(from red chilly) flavor of the avocado chutney with warm rice.Thank you Dennise for sharing this delicious recipe with us.Will definitely make it again.

This is one more delicious recipe that I bookmarked from Priya's blog.I finally tried this simple and delicious rice dish and it tasted very yummy.Loved the combination of channa and the flavorful,aromatic kasuri methi which gave the rice a unique flavor.Thank you Priya for sharing this tasty rice dish with us.Sure to make it more often.

Dear Friends ,visit these wonderful bloggers for the recipes I posted here today and for more delicious dishes they have shared in their blogs.Will be back with more tried and tasted recipes next Tuesday.
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