Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fried Baby Potatoes---Mom's Special Dish

I definitely have been missing many blog events and all the blog pals from around the world for the past few months.I am very thankful to all the blog visitors and blog pals for being around and supporting me even during my irregular presence.Thank you friends,there is a lot of catching up to do.

My mother is visiting us and we all have been enjoying and relishing mom's cooking for the past two months.A lot of simple and traditional dishes have become a part of our cuisine.Well, some dishes do include the use of deep frying and others are authentic dishes passed on to us from generations.So enjoying various dishes from mom's magic hand from modern dishes to traditional recipes.

For the past many years I was so busy taking caring of my little ones and forgot how nice it really feels to be taken care of.It definitely feels out-of-the world when your mom is here with you.It feels like being taken care of again and I feel like I have become a little kid around her asking her to prepare my favorite dishes and sometimes even enjoying her feeding me:-) .It's an awesome feeling to have my mom here with us and spend time with  all of us. 

The dish I am sharing today is a very favorite dish for all of us.It's simple and easy to make and yummy to taste.Let us see how this simple dish is made------

Main Ingredients :
Baby Potatoes....................1lb
Canola Oil..........................5tbsp taste
Cumin flavored taste

First clean the potatoes under cold water and boil them.Once the potatoes are boiled , peel the skin off them and keep them aside.Place a pan on the stove on medium-high heat and add oil.Once the oil is hot add the potaoes to the pan and let them fry for few miutes.(In the starting we want the heat to be on high so that the potatoes don't get mushy).

After few minutes slowly the potatoes start to turn golden in color.At this point turn the stove to medium heat so that the inside of the potatoes also gets cooked well and the outside stays crispier without burning.

After few minutes you can see that the potatoes have cooked well and turned crispier.Now you can tranfer the extra oil from the pan(after frying) to a bowl.You can see that there is no oil in the pan below.Now add salt and cumin-flavored paprika to the fried baby potatoes and stir for a minute and switch off the stove.

Crispy and delicious fried baby potatoes are ready to be served with hot rice and ghee.Believe me, if you leave them on the table they will all be gone before you even start your meal.Enjoy!


  1. wow, they looks super's recipes are always the best :)

    US Masala

  2. Looks like very simple preparation but simply irresistible, so yummy.

  3. simply delicious we enjoy this too quick and flavourful

  4. looks awesome and delicious....

  5. Delicious and simple fried baby potato love it.

  6. They look absolutely perfect. Will surely try them out soon :)

  7. Simply superb. I love the colour of these tiny potatoes..

  8. Mouth watering baby potatoes,loved the dish in absolute.Mom's dishes are special as it has an extra ingredient called 'love' :):)

  9. looks so tempting kiran..we do the same preparation with potato rounds and add tempering of mustard seeds...u can check my post on the same...enjoy ur special time with mom...this days r so so memorable..get urself pampered..regards to ur mom

  10. Lovely crispy potatoes. Enjoy your mom's pampering!

  11. Very tempting and my fav potatoes, can have anytime..enjoy dear..

  12. Great looking subzi! My kids LOVE this and I make it whenever I get fresh little aloos as a treat for them - I put them on a bed of fried red onions :)


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