Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back with An Event Announcement: CWF-WV:Plantain/Raw Banana

Dear Friends and Visitors of SUMADHURA , Thank you very much for your continuous support during my absence from blogging.Though it was an unannounced break from blogging it was for a needed reason.This long break had helped me get better with my neck and shoulder problems.I am back with great enthusiasm and hope to get all your continued support in the present and future too.

It's been few months that I hosted an event and here I am again hosting my own event Cooking with Whole Foods.This time I have chosen Plantain/Raw Banana as the star ingredient.

Plantains are very commonly used vegetable in Southern India.Not only in India but they are a staple in Asian cuisine,African cuisine ,South American cuisine too.Though plantains look like bananas they both are not the same.To know more about the distinction between plantain and banana click here.

The plantain tree and the plantains are useful to mankind in plenty of ways.While the plantain is edible the tree and its parts are very useful too.Plantain leaves are used for cooking, and are used for dining(instead of plates), the inside part of the plantain bark is edible and has culinary and medical uses.Plantain flower is edible too and used in culinary preparations.Plantain or raw banana can be cooked in many ways.It can be boiled,fried,grilled,steamed,barbecued and enjoyed.To know more about the plantain and the different varieties that are available you can go here.Plantain is not only used in the culinary world but also has lot of medicinal uses.To know about some of the medicinal uses of plantain you can read here and here.

This is a bi-monthly event so you have good amount of time to get cooking with your plantains and send in your recipes to this event.The rules for the event are as follows :

1) Use your creativity and make a healthy dish with the main Ingredient : PLANTAIN.

2) Link your recipe to this event page and my name and my blog name.

3) Send in as many recipes as you can with the main ingredient.( All Vegetarian , No Eggs ).

4) Archived recipes are accepted, link your main recipe to this event page ,my name and blog name.(Need not repost).

5) Posting the logo is appreciated,it helps spread the word.

6) Late entries are not accepted.

7) When you mail me the recipe in the Subject mention : CWF -WV:Plantain

8) Please send your recipes to kjsumadhura@gmail.com  from now on till Dec 10th 2011 with the following details :

Your Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe URL :
Photo of Recipe :

Non-Bloggers can send in their recipes too by sending me the recipe and a picture(optional) of the recipe and your location to kjsumadhura@gmail.com


  1. Wow Kiran, how are you dear? Glad to have you back. Hoping to see a lot of you now. Happy hosting !!!

  2. Thank you for asking Priya.I am fine and hope to be more regular with my posts.I have a lot of recipes to share.

  3. Hi, Kiran ..

    How are you... Thanks for posting this event. I hope i'm back to blogging with your event after a long time dear... Thanks for bringing me back.... :)

  4. Awesome event Kiran...will try to send in some entries....happy hosting dear!

  5. Hi.. first time here..enjoyed my stay viewing your recipes... will try participating in your event... glad to follow you... do visit me if you find time..

  6. got some plantains in my fridge - will send you an entry for sure :)

  7. Nice event. Will try to participate. Happy hosting.

    Event: Halloween Fiesta

  8. Hi Kiran. Good to see you back. Thanks for visiting & for your lovely comment. Nice event, happy hosting :)

  9. Glad to see u back Kiran,happy hosting dear..

  10. happy hosting happy to hear from you
    regards Akheela

  11. Welcome back. Nice event happy hosting

  12. glad to see you back kiran...
    missed your healthy posts...
    happy hosting..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  13. Hi Kiran,First time in ur sweet blog.Luv ur delcious blog of yumm recipes.Following U.

  14. Happy hosting dear.. And happy diwali.....


  15. nice event,shared in our event calender,pl do hv a check


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