Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder

Today I am sharing with you all a delicious and healthy spice powder with sesame seeds and flax seeds.It is very simple and easy to make this yummy spice powder.It is very delicious when mixed with warm/hot rice and ghee/oil.You can use this powder as a topping for curries instead of using chilly powder.

Let us see how this healthy spice powder is made----------------

Main Ingredients :

Sesame Seeds......................1/2cup
Flax Seeds...........................1/2cup
Dry Red Chilly......................7 taste

Preparation :

Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat.Once the pan is hot add the sesame seeds and start toasting them.Stay near the stove and keep stirring on and off so that the seeds don't burn.We need to keep toasting till the sesame seeds turn into golden color.Once they are done transfer the seeds to a plate and let it cool.

Now add the flax seeds to the hot pan and start toasting them.Once you see the flax seeds change color and can feel the aroma of toasted seeds transfer the flax seeds to a plate and let them cool.

Now add red chillies to the hot pan and dry roast them till they get crispy.Once they are done transfer them to a plate and let them cool down too.

Let the sesame seeds,flax seeds and chillies cool down.

Once the ingredients cool down,tranfer to a blender/mixie ,add salt and grind it to a coarse powder.

Delicious and spicy Sesame-Flax Seeds Powder is ready to be served.Try it and you will love it.

Note :

1) Do not brown the seeds or burn them.If you over toast the seeds the powder might taste bitter.

2) You can use white or brown sesame seeds for making this powder.When using brown sesame seeds keep an eye on the seeds while toasting because the color might be deceiving.

3) Use red chilly according to your taste.You can increase the spice or reduce it too.

4) This powder stays fresh for 15 days.

This recipe goes to CWF-WS:Sesame Seeds guest hosted by Revathi of Kaarasaaram .


  1. wow..yummy..great job kiranjay. i appreciate for choosing nice subject.You are fair and balanced. I like this blog website due to the quality of a description. Thnx for maintaining all these beautiful info

  2. Wow yummy i like it please keep share more information with us like this thankyou


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