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Eggplant with Ginger & Chilly / Vankaya Allam Pachimirchi Karam Kura.

Eggplant/Brinjal/Aubergine is called as the KING of vegetables.In the state of AndhraPradesh brinjal is cooked in various ways.It is given a special place in the food plate of every household.Guttivankaya is a very famous dish of AndhraPradesh.For every special occassion a dish of brinjal has to be made, that is the kind of royal place given to this vegetable.

I will be posting a lot of recipes with Eggplant in the near future.Today we are going to try a new recipe.This eggplant curry is made in combination with ginger and chilli.It is a very simple recipe with extraordinary taste.This recipe has always been a favorite of my family for generations.The eggplant used in this recipe are the purple long slender variety.

Main Ingredients:
Eggplant/Brinjal.............4(long purple variety)
Green Chillies................4
Cilantro........................few leaves(optional) taste

Preparation :

First wash the eggplants,ginger,chilly , and keep them aside.Fill a bowl with water and add some salt to it.
Take the eggplant cut them into thin long pieces and place them in the bowl of salt water so that eggplant pieces don't turn brown.

Now take a skillet and put it on medium setting on the stove and add oil and wait for it to heat up.Take the eggplant pieces from the water and place them in the skillet.Add salt to the eggplant and give it a nice stir and cover the skillet with a lid and let cook for 2 minutes.Once again take the lid off stir the eggplant and place the lid back and let cook.

Meanwhile in mini chopper or in a mortar & pestle make a chunky paste of the ginger and chilly.

Now take off the lid from the skillet and add the ginger-chilly paste to eggplant pieces and give it a stir and place the lid back and let cook for 5 more minutes and the dish is ready to serve.

This recipe goes well with hot rice,chapathis,pulkas or parathas.

1) Any guest who visited my grandparent's house always wanted my grandmom to prepare this dish for sure. She always cooked with fresh eggplants from their farm so they tasted more yummy.

2) Also grandma used to add home-made butter in the end to enhance the flavor of this curry.Well these days as we are diet-conscious and also do not have stamina to digest fat-rich foods,I omitted the butter part.

Well being a KING is not easy.The KING always has to face the complements and criticisations equally.Same way our KING vegetable Eggplant has it's own positives and negatives.

Pros :  Makes cooking very interesting and moulds itself into every recipe we make and results in a very tasty and lovely dish.

Cons :  An Eggplant can sometimes cause allergic reactions to people.So people with allergies please check before you eat .

I am sending this Eggplant/Brinjal with Ginger & Chilly to the Vegetable Marathon Event(Eggplant) being hosted by Anita Konasani of Anita's Kitchen.


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