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I have been planning to do this cake for a long time and finally I did it.This is the recipe I came up with....What is this?The name looks like the representation of an alphabet chart. Right ?Well ,A for Apple and B for Banana are really fruits of health and the first fruits kids enjoy from the time they start to eat.So I thought I should start my dessert section with kids in mind even the youngest ones.Also when we think of cake it sounds like a pile of carbs.We can try to reduce that and make it better and healthy.The thought of cake makes us think that it must be made of egg.You are wrong.This is an eggless cake. 

Enough talking , let's get into baking this lovely,kid friendly and health friendly cake.This is how it goes
"A B C-----------Z--this is the cake I would like to eat , mommy won't you make it for me"(sing it like an alphabet song).

Dry Ingredients :
Baking Soda....................2tsp
Baking Powder................2tsp
Wheat Flour....................2cups

Wet Ingredients :
Apple Sauce....................1 (4oz cinnamon flavor)
Banana Mashed...............1(very ripe)
Canola Oil.......................1cup
Vanilla Essence...............2tsp(pure)

I call the following ingredients as Enrichment Ingredients because these both ingredients enrich the flavor of the cake---- as chocolate chips are for the sweet tooth as well as for good health and the walnuts are for the healthy brain and heart(everything in moderation is healthy). 

Enrichment Ingredients :
Chocolate Chips..............1/3cup

Preparation :
First , Place a rack in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

While the oven is preheating, take a large bowl and sift 2cups of wheat flour , baking soda and baking powder together.

In an other bowl take all the wet ingredients and whisk them all together with a hand-mixer.Now add the sugar and whisk it well till they all blend well.

Now add the whisked wet ingredients to the sifted dry ingredients and mix it well with the hand-mixer and make a nice batter.Now add the chocolate chips and walnuts to the cake batter and fold them in nicely.

While you are you can take help of your kids in getting the baking pan ready.I used muffin pan and a loaf pan to bake.So my 3yr old helped me by lining up the muffin tin with paper cupcake liners and my 6yr old helped by lining the loaf pan with a parchment sheet .

Once my cake batter was ready I filled all the compartments of the muffin pan and poured the remaining batter in a loaf pan.

My oven is preheated ,in goes the muffin tray and the loaf pan.I set the oven timer for 30minutes.The baking has started.After 15 minutes I opened the oven door to check how the process is going on. If you open the oven door during baking process make sure that you increase the oven temperature by 5degrees F(i.e. 355degrees F) for the rest of the 15 minutes.


Once the timer sarted(30 minutes completed) to beep, I checked if the cake in the muffin tray and loaf pan is done or not by priciking it with a tooth pick and the tootht pick came out clean.So I switched off the oven and took the muffin tray and loaf pan out of the oven and let it cool.The cake has puffed up well and looks very yummy and attractive.Once they cool down the muffins and the loaf of cake come out very easily without disturbing the shape.

Finally, the yummy Apple-Banana-Chocolate-----Honey------Walnut-Yogurt-Cake is ready.

Notes :
1)Kids & Adults can equally enjoy this cake.

2)Just FYI , I wrote all the ingredients in an alphabetical order.

3)This cake is not too sweet, it is just right.(If you want it to taste more sweet like  the cakes from the  bakeries you can add more sugar.)

4)Nothing in this world is 100% perfect.Same way I feel that a Dessert(as it is a sweet dish it sure has high calories)can't be 100% Healthy---but we can substitute healthy ingredients while making the dessert and make it  right.

 For example in this recipe, I used healthy ingredients like

1)Wheat Flour(instead of All Purpose Flour)
2)Canola Oil(instead of Butter)
3)Yogurt(instead of Eggs)
4)Honey(to lessen the usage of sugar)
5)Walnuts( for good heart & brain health )
6)Banana( rich in phosphorous)
7)Apple Sauce(not only a comfort food but also protects against breast cancer)
8)Chocolate Chips(are very rich in copper,magnesium,calcium and minerals---only if taken in moderation)

So all in all we have made ourselves a healthy cake.We can eat a piece for morning breakfast too.(You can serve this with ice-cream or with caramel sauce.Use your imagination there are many possible ways)You know we are trying to keep it healthy.So enjoy it just by itself.

Wish you all Happy Baking.

I am sending this recipe to Sunday Snacks-Healthy Snacks Event being guest hosted by Divya, which was initially started by Hima and later taken over by Pallavi.

I am sending this recipe to  Kids Delight Wholesome Breakfast Event hosted by Srivalli.

I am sending this to CFK-WWF Event hosted by Priya Mitharwal and started by Sharmi .


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    special items anni memu kuda try chestamu
    All the best

  2. Vani,

    Thank you very much for your wishes.Try the recipes and let me know.

  3. Wow, it looks so gud! Visiting your blog for the 1st time.. nice recipes and very good presentation



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