Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quinoa Porridge/Pudding/Kheer

This is a very healthy recipe.We all know that Quinoa is getting great attention because of it's high protein and allergen free characteristics.I like this grain very much as being a vegetarian it is hard to get enough protein from one dish.This is one more recipe that I came up with. I would say that the dish I am presenting can be eaten for breakfast as a porridge or can be served as a dessert or can be eaten for a quick and healthy dinner.

Ingredients Required :
Quinoa - 1 Cup
Water - 2 Cups
Whole Grain Milk - 3 Cups (Organic Unsweetened)
Dates - 20
Cashew - 2 tbsp

For Garnishing :
Golden Raisins........2tsp

Preparation :
First rinse the quinoa 5 to 6 times nicely in water and drain so that the bitterness of the grains is gone.

Soak the dates and cashews in warm water in separate  bowls. 

Now pressure cook the quinoa in a pressure pan directly with 2cups of water for 2 whistles.

Once the pressure is gone remove the lid of the pressure pan.You will notice that the quinoa is nicely cooked.

Now switch  the stove on medium heat and add 3cups of organic whole grain milk to the pan of quinoa and stir well.Let the milk and quinoa start to bubble.

Grind the dates and cashews into paste.Now add the dates paste and stir well.

 Later add the cashew paste,cardamom powder and stir well and let cook for 5 more minutes on low heat so that the dates and cashew flavor blend in well.

Meanwhile in a pan add 1tsp of ghee and toast the raisins and all the nuts of your choice and keep them aside.

After 5minutes add the nuts to the quinoa-dates porridge/pudding/kheer and tranfer it to a serving bowl.

Yummy and healthy Quinoa Porridge/Pudding/Kheer is ready to be served.

Note :
1. I did not use any other sweeteners except dates. If you like it sweeter you can add sugar/jaggery/honey/agave nectar.

2. You can use regular milk instead of whole grain milk. This organic unsweetened whole grain milk is made from organic brown rice, amaranth, millet and quinoa.

3.You can use almonds instead of cashews.

Earlier I posted this recipe on Nithu's Guest Post and now I am posting it on my blog to send this to couple of events.

This goes to CWF-WG : Quinoa Event hosted by Priya Mitharwal.

I am sending this to Jihva : BreakFast event being hosted by Suma and started by Indira .

I am sending this to EVENT : KHEER FESTIVAL AT EASY2COOKRECIPES  started and hosted by Shama Nagarajan.

I am sending this to Show Me Your Whole Grains event being hosted by Divya.


  1. I don't want to sound rhetoric but this kheer is absolutely healthy one and shows your creative side.:)

  2. Dear Suma,thank you for your lovely words.

  3. Healthy and yummy kheer! tempting..

  4. Wow...pudding looks so tempting and delicious...very creative and healthy dish :)


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