Monday, March 29, 2010

Reposting for Event Participation

These are some of the recipes I am reposting for participation in various events.

I am sending the following entries to Cruciferious challenge and Cauliflower event hosted by Yasmeen.

Broccoli Paratha

Broccoli Yum-Yum

Cauliflower Stir Fry

Kale_Mushroom Curry

I am sending all the following entries in which I used whole-grains or whole-grain-flours to ShowMeYourWholeGrains event being hosted by Divya .

I am sending the following entries to Healing Foods : Spinach event being hosted by Divya started by Siri .

I am sending the following recipes to Think Beyond The Usual : Fruit event hosted by Nithu.

I am sending the following recipe to Cooking With Seeds:Corriander Seeds event hosted by RV and started by Priya.

I would like to send these following recipes to the Pancakes event being hosted by Priya.

Oil Free Quinoa Dosa/Crepe

Oats and Legumes/Daals Dosa/Crepe(Oil Free Adai)


  1. Thanks Kiran,all the entries sound super nutritious :D

  2. Dear Yasmeen,you are welcome.Thank you for visiting my blog and following.

  3. Thanks Kiran, all your entries look very unique, healthy and yumm.


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