Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's (3T's) : Sept 21st 2010

Today is Tuesday and I am back with a recipe that I tried and tasted from one of our wonderful blogger friend Suma Gandlur's recipes.I love the way she presents her dishes and how she shares the  authentic dishes from Andhra Pradesh.

Here is the recipe without further ado----------------

1) Gongura Pappu from Veggie Platter by Suma Gandlur.

I followed the recipe as is and it tasted very delicious.Thank you Suma for sharing this recipe with us.It was very delicious and we all enjoyed having it .

Dear friends and visitors of Sumadhura,visit her blog for the recipe I shared today and for many more authentic and delicious recipes she has shared with us.Will be back next Tuesday with more tried and tasted recipes.


  1. Delicious gongura pappu. Simply love Suma's spicy recipes.

  2. hey kiran ...gongura papu looks wonderful ...all time favorite


  3. lookyum,flavorful and deli....cious.....simply wonderful kiran..

  4. Nice try with beautiful result Kiran..

    Tasty Appetite

  5. Delicious..have been thinking of trying this..

  6. Really glad that you liked the gongura pappu. Thanks for trying.

  7. That looks like a mouthwatering curry. I like any curry with greens. Good for the eye, in my case lasik operated eye. Lol.

  8. delicious curry goes well with anything

  9. Looks healthy and filiing daal..Kiran.


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