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Mustard Flavored Green Chilly / Raiwala Marcha

I knew about stuffed dried chillies but I never tasted fresh chillies pickled in mustard until I met my Gujarati neighbour Janvi.One day she shared with me a bottle of homemade pickled green chillies.She told me that these chillies can be used as a side dish to any meal.She said that these chillies are a must in their meals and they have them even with snacks. Being a chilly lover I was very excited to taste these mustard flavored green chillies.They tasted very delicious and went very well with rotis,daal and rice.These pickled chillies are sure to make a meal more inviting and spike up the taste buds.

Main Ingredients :
Green Chillies...........................1lb(thick and long)
Turmeric Powder.....................2 tsp
Salt..........................................1/4 cup(to taste)

Seasoning Ingredients :
Mustard Oil..............................2tbsp
Powdered Jaggery....................2tsp
SplitYellow Mustard.................1/4cup
Lemon Juice..............................2tbsp

Preparation :
Wash the chillies and pat them dry with a clean towel.Leave the tips on and slit the chillies from the top(do not let it break into 2 pieces and also the tip of the chilly is intact) .

Now take the salt and turmeric in a bowl and mix them together and start stuffing the slit chillies.In this manner stuff all the chillies with this powder mix and keep them in a bowl and let them rest 4 to 5 hours.In between shake the stuffed chillies in the bowl every 1 hour.

After resting ,you might see that the chillies are leaving some liquid in the bowl(if there is more liquid drain it) or sometimes the chillies might seem to look just wet.Now remove the chillies and air dry them on a paper the whole night.

Next day , place a pan on the stove on low flame,once the oil is warm , switch off the stove and add the split mustard seeds and jaggery.Let the jaggery melt in the warm oil.Once the oil is luke warm, add the air dried stuffed green chillies to the oil and coat the chillies with the oil.

Immediately transfer the chillies to sterile bottles and add lemon juice them.After adding the lemon juice close the lid of the bottle and shake it up and down so that the oil and the lemon juice blend in well and flavor the chillies.

Let the bottle of chillies rest on the counter for 24 hrs and use it from the following day.You can see the juices retaining in the bottom of the bottle.Shake the bottle to blend in the flavors.After 24 hrs you can refrigerate the chillies for long term use.

These Raiwala Marcha is so easy to prepare and delicious to taste.

Note :
1)Make sure to do this when kids are not around so that they are safe from the spice of the chilly.

2)If making in large quantities it would be nice to have some help,so that when one is slitting the chilly other one can stuff it.

3)My friend particularly insisted on using mustard oil (Dabur Company is best she says) for seasoning the chillies.

4)Adding little jaggery gives a hint of sweetness to the chilly spice.

5)If you don't like the hotness of the chillies,remove the seeds before stuffing.

6)If turmeric and salt powder remains after stuffing use it later in other dishes.

This goes to Flavors of Gujarat hosted by Nayna .


  1. Wow kiran the mustard chilli looks very hot.Its very tempting.Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Thank you Vineela,Priya and Aipi for your quick response to the post.

  3. I would love it with a plate of curd rice!

  4. wow these chillis looks very tempting ...mouthwatering recipe


  5. Love those mustardy chillies...soooo tempting.

    Pushpa @

  6. wow these chillies looks very tempting ...mouthwatering recipe

  7. Looks super hot and sounds very tempting..

  8. my mouth is watering kiran....they look so drooooolworthy and with dal-rice...great step pics..lipsmacking post kiran...can eat tht whole bowl of spice n flavours...ahhhhhh

  9. I was searching for this spicy green chilli. Thanks for sharing this kiran.Your note is really useful.

    Hamsamalini chandrasekaran


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