Sunday, June 27, 2010

Avocado-Coconut Vegan IceCream(Healthy and Delicious)

Since Yasmeen announced her Icecream event and PriyaMitharwal has announced Avocado as the fruit of the month,I was looking for avocado icecream recipe.Every time I looked at a recipe there would be some ingredient that I did not want to use.Finally, I ended up making my own version of this icecream and it tasted very delicious.I am happy with the outcome and hence posting it here.My family loved eating it and hope you would too.

Let us see how this is made--------------

Main Ingredients :
Ripe Avocado....................1(Pitted and scooped)
Coconut Milk.....................1cup(store bought)
Pure Vanilla Extract...........1tsp
Agave Nectar.....................2tbsp

Preparation :
Blend the scooped avocado flesh with the coconut milk,agave nectar and vanilla extract until smooth.

Now pour this smooth blend into a freezer safe container and freeze it covered for 3hours or till frozen.

Now take the icecream out from the freezer and scrape it with the fork and whisk the icecream so that it does not form crystals and put it back in the freezer for 2 more hours.(After 2hrs repeat this step one more time) and then let freeze completely

You can leave it in the freezer overnight and move it to the fridge few minutes before you plan to eat so that it softens.

Delicious Avocado Icecream is ready to be served.

Note :
1) I had only a cup of coconut milk , so I used only that.
2) It's easy to make and healthy to serve.Definitely make it again.

I am sending this to Priya's Veggie/Fruit A Month : Avocado Event and Yasmeen's I Scream for Icecream Event.

This icecream goes to Sizzling Summer Recipes Contest hosted by SpicyTasty.


  1. very yummy n delicious ice cream :)

  2. A very healthy and a delicious way to beat the heat.

  3. Avocado coconut ice cream looks really nice.

  4. really deliicous icecream kiran avocodo is my favorite sure it taste yummy

  5. What a lovely refreshing dessert.

  6. Super good! I've been thinking of making the avocado ice cream for long,my kids simply don't like the fruit,the ice cream would be so much more interesting recipe with avocados.Thanks for sending this over to the challenge :D

  7. really delicious ice cream... with avacado very healthy ...

  8. Hey kiran, thanks for sending your entry to our contest. Appreciated!!! Good luck. Nice icecream recipe.

  9. what a wonderful idea! looks so delicious and tempting.

  10. Hi
    First time in your blog and I am already loving it. What a creative idea you have!

    Priya @

  11. Looks really good. Mom makes this for me..not vegan but a vegetarian version. Looks pleasing!

  12. Nice saree Kiran.

    Interesting recipe. Does this have enough sweetness for an ice cream though? I see you haven't used any sugar.

  13. Sounds delicious n healthy.
    Very soon I m gonna try this.

  14. so simple ingredients..absolutely guilt free..


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