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Cooking with Whole Foods , Future Guest Hosts and Round-Ups

Whole Foods For a Better Present & a Better Future For A Healthy You and A Healthy Me !

As you all know Cooking with Whole Foods(CWF) is my First Event and I had announced it along with my 100th Post.My main aim in starting this event is to focus on whole foods( if possible organic whole foods) which keep us healthy and strong and help us lead a youthful life.Whole Foods can be anything from whole grains ,legumes,beans, nuts,seeds,fruits,vegetables(regular, and greens) .

There are lots of various whole foods available around us but we are all stuck to eating only a few of them due to several reasons----due to habit,due to unavailability of certain whole foods in certain places,due to high costs of these foods,due to lack of knowledge about certain foods etc.reasons may vary.I ,myself was unaware of lots of veggies and fruits till I came to USA---one reason being these vegetables(like broccoli,colored peppersetc),fruits(kiwi,berries etc) and grains(quinoa,oats etc.) were not available 10 yrs back in my place.I don't even remember seeing the pictures of these too.Now most of these vegetables,fruits and grains are available ,still there are some that no one has heard about in some places.

With CWF Event I wanted to get myself and all readers visiting this page to gain knowledge about all the different kinds of whole foods we would be introducing through this event.People who are new to these foods will learn about them and learn to introduce themselves to these foods and who already know about them can share their expertise with us.Through this everyone will be benefitted.

Reason for Choosing Barley

Barley is an age old staple grain exisitng in this world for centuries.It's been used as food for humans as well as animals.Main reason is, this is a grain available to people all over the world and not very costly either.I want my friends from around the globe to try and participate in this event,its always good to introduce foods that are easily available to everyone.I know that  we all are not used to cooking much with these grains but still learning about it and introducing to our kitchen is surely going to be very helpful to us due to its immense health benefits.So dear friends do not hesitate to try cooking with this healthy grain : barley.

Note :
Always please check before you cook anything new , if you can consume that particular food or not.Sometimes a food that is healthy to one person may not be healthy to an other.

Future Guest Hosts for CWF

Nothing in this world can be said as done or achieved by just one person.For every achievement or success or great innovation or creation there must be someone or something that has helped visibly or invisibly.Same way this Cooking With Whole Foods Event can only be successful when all my friends and readers of SUMADHURA give a helping hand in making this healthy journey a success.

CWF is a bi-monthly event and will be hosted 6 times in a year.I would like to keep this going for as long as possible as we have a wide variety of whole foods that can be covered from,lots of options.The host gets to choose any whole food for the months they are hosting without repeating the ones that are already hosted in CWF.They also explain the benefits and goodness of the whole food they are choosing in their post.The host has to announce the event 5 days before the start date( ex: if the event is from June 10th to Aug 10th,the host announces it on their blog on June 5th).

Please let me know if you are interested in hosting this event for future events.Send me an email at

Rules for the Event :

1) Use your creativity and make a healthy dish with the main Ingredient : BARLEY (soups,salads,smoothies,breads,cakes,Indian Dishes etc...)

2) Link your recipe to this event page and my name and my blog name.

3) Send in as many recipes as you can with the main ingedient.( All Vegetarian , No Eggs ).

4) Archived recipes are accepted, link your main recipe to this event page ,my name and blog name.(Need not repost).

5) You must post the logo of this event on your homepage if you are participating in the event during the duration of the event ,this helps to spread the word.You can save the logo by left click.(Once the event is done you can remove it).

6) Late entries are not accepted.

7) When you mail me the recipe in the Subject mention :CWF -Whole Grains:Barley

8) Please send your recipes to by August 10th with the following details :

Your Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe URL :
Photo of Recipe :
Your Location :

Non-Bloggers can send in their recipes too by sending me the recipe and a picture(optional) of the recipe and your location to

Terminology Used :

CWF stands for Cooking Whole Foods
WG stands for Whole Grains
LB stands for Legumes and Beans
WV stands for Whole Vegetables
WF stands for Whole Fruits
WS stands for Whole Seeds

CWF Guest Hosts for 2010

June10th to Aug 10th : Myself(Kiran from Sumadhura) hosting CWF-WG : Barley

Aug 10th to Oct 10th : Nithu from Nithu's Kitchen guest hosting CWF-LB : Chick Peas/Garbanzo Beans (Round Up Part1 ,Part 2)

Oct 10th to Dec 10th : PriyaM from MharoRajasthan'sRecipes guest hosting CWF-WG : Quinoa

CWF Guest Hosts for 2011

Dec 10th to Feb 10th : Priya from Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes guest hosting CWF-WG : Oats

Feb 10th to Apr 10th : Sanyukta from Creative Sanyukta guest hosting CWF-WF/WV:Tomato

Apr10th to June 10th : SumaG from Veggie Platter guest hosting CWF-LB:Pigeon Peas/Toor Daal

June 10th to Aug 10th : Denise from Oh Taste n See hosting CWF-WG:Ragi/Finger Millet

Aug 10th to Oct 10th : PriyaMahadevan from NowServing guest hosting CWF-WS:Fenugreek Seeds

Oct 10th to Dec 10th : Myself(Kiran from Sumadhura) hosting CWF-WV:Plantain/Raw Banana

CWF Guest Hosts for 2012

Dec 10th to Feb 10th : Revathi from Kaarassaram hosting CWF-WS:Sesame Seeds

Feb 10th to Apr 10th : Reshmi from Rasoi guest hosting CWF-LB:Peanut

Apr10th to Jun 10th : Vardhini from VardhinisKitchen guest hosting CWF-WV:Spinach

Jun 10th to Aug 10th : Anu from Anu's Healthy Kitchen guest hosting CWF-WG:Brown Rice

Aug 10th to Oct 10th : Krithika from Kriti's Kitchen guest hosting CWF-WV:Pumpkin

Oct 10th to Dec 10th :


  1. hey kiran...all the very best for the awesome event...wil think and come up with a whole food for my event hosting from feb-april 2011 and wil let u knw soon...
    by mistaken in 2011 u events the dates r 2010...pls correct them...

  2. all the best for the event nice theme yarr..grt going..

  3. Nice event. will think of hosting soon.

  4. Hello dear...very nice space and sending a recipe to this event.
    my first time here...
    happy to follow you...
    chk out my space too:

  5. Hi Kiran, Just posted the event anouncement for CWF- Sesame seeds ..

    Thanks for letting me host the evnet.Do check it out and let me know..:))


  6. hi Kiran: If its still open for hosting, would like to take the October slot with Wholewheat.

    Do let me know !

    Thx and cheers
    Sizzling Tastebuds

  7. Love your blog,happy to follow you,


  8. hey...very nice event..loved it !! sent my recipe for oct-dec 012 event .. :)


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