Friday, June 11, 2010

Mango-Watermelon Popsicles

Since we bought the juicer and started juicing fresh juices more often , my son was asking me to make popsicles with all the juices.That very next day I saw a wonderful post on homemade popsicles at Yasmeen's blog.I did not have the popsicle molds with me.I looked for them in walmart  but could not find them.Last weekend visited Target stores and could get hold of some popsicle molds.

I had some store bought mango juice lying in the fridge for over a month,waiting to be opened.So yesterday I thought I will make use of it and had some fresh watermelon juice handy so combined them and made delicious mango-watermelon popsicles.

Preparation :
First I filled the popsicle molds with little mango juice and let it freeze for 3 hours.When it was semi-solid(make sure its not completely frozen) I slowly poured in the watermelon juice (without disturbing the frozen mango juice).Covered it with lid and put it in the freezer.Kids enjoyed them as an afternoon snack.

When you are ready to eat ,take them out from the freezer and place them in hot water just for few seconds and keep pressing the mold from all the sides so that the popsicle slides out easily.It is little tricky ,I am still working on taking them out nicely.Sometimes the popsicle is still inside and the holder comes out.Good luck with yours:-) 

Try making pospsicles with fresh juices at home.They are full of goodness and healthy juices go into their bodies while they play in the sun during summer.

Will try more with other juices too and post them here.

Pictures of molds I purchased from Target

Note :
1) I made popsicles 3 days back with orange juice and watermelon.It was kind of bitter.Kids liked the watermelon part but when it came to the orangejuice part they did not like it as it was having the light bitter and tangy taste from the orange.Will not add orange juice in this,fresh orange juice tastes better when we consume it immediately.

2)I did use the store bought mango juice in here because I need to finish it  before it expires.A few more recipes with it and it will be done.After that will  post many with fresh juices.

This goes to BB4: What's Lurking in the Kitchen? event hosted by Nupur.


  1. Kiran, I also want to try this combo thing. I also tried orange juice and no one liked it as it was bit bitter and very very sour. I think I am going to try raspberry lemonade :)

  2. Kiran,

    mango watermelon popsicles looks really beautiful and yumm.

  3. I don't think I will be making this anytime soon since my son is running quite a high temperature today. Looks great though. Thanks for asking if I could host your event. I will think about it - You might have noticed that I am not actively blogging like before. I am trying to get back into a job after 2.5 yrs break. So my already busy schedule is going to be even more busy starting from now as I have begun job hunt. :(

  4. Wow Kiran,
    Looks too good, love to giv a try.

  5. Nice pop sickles, refreshing treat.

  6. Lovely! Am sure these tasted great!!

  7. Refreshing and cute popsicles, feel like grabbing..

  8. wooow nice popsicles dear colour combo is very nice dear..

  9. Hi new to your blog and what hooked me most are the unique recipe and the melodious song clip at the background. love this idea of combo popsickle. would make it next year when my sonny boy will turn two.

  10. HEY chala baundhi Kiran...nijamgaa chala colorful undhi...inkaa ee climate ki ilanti icecream antee that was WOWWWWWW....

  11. Kiran,,thanks for ur words on my recipe dear and happy to read about ur event..In future i will surely let u know the hosting dear.

  12. Looks great. You are a wonderful mom.

  13. This recipe looks like 'fun'!!!Am sure my lil angel will enjoy it :)


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