Friday, October 1, 2010

Veggie/Fruit A Month : OKRA Event RoundUp (Sept 1st - Sept 30th 2010)

Dear friends, thank you all for sending in your delicious entries for this event with OKRA as the Vegetable of the September Month.I thank Priya Mitharwal from MharoRajasthansRecipes for letting me host this event that she had started in order to encourage the importance of veggies and fruits in our daily meals.

Let us take a look at the delicious recipes that our friends from the blogosphere have shared with us.I am posting them in the order I received---------

1) Bhindi Sambhariya by Priya from Elaichii

7) Roasted Stuffed Okra by Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) from Creative Sanyukta

10) Bharwan Bhindi by Shanthi from Shanthis Thaligai

14) Bhindi Fry by Swetha from Our Cherished World

16) Okra with Coconut by Akheela from TorviewToronto

17) Dahi Bhindi by Indrani from Recipe Junction

18) Capsicum Tomato Bhindi by Santosh Bangar from Santosh's Kitchen

19) Baked Okra by Gayathri Raani from Gayathri's Cook Spot

20) Stir Fried Okra and Sweet Corn Salad  by Sangeetha from Sangi's Kitchen

21) Okra Masala by Vineela from VineelaSiva

22) Okra flavored with Tamarind by me(Kiran)

Once again thank you friends for sending your delicious entries for the event.


  1. hi very nice rond up i am also posting the recipe but i do not see here pl can u find if there is any problem

  2. good round up i am also sendingthe recipe but it is not here u send me reply of reciveing it pl if u can check it

  3. Lovely round up. I missed to send my entry..

  4. wow wonderful round up ..i am feeling bad i could not the part of it ...but happy that got somany version of bhendi to try


  5. beautiful roundup
    delicious okra dishes

  6. Wow, an amazing roundup dear. Delicious entries. I so want to try all, may be after I come back from my vacation. Thanks for hosting it :)

  7. Many more beautiful entries, lovely roundup..

  8. Wow wonderful roundup dear....looks very colorful dishes...

  9. Wonderful roundup with my fav and healthy Okra...Wanted to send more entries this time but many things r going around which kept me stuck so was nt able to...bookmarked this mouthwatering page and i knw where to peep when i wanted to try new okra dishes...thanks to u for hosting a amazing event with okra...hugs

  10. Great round many delicious entries :)

    US Masala

  11. Nice round up, Kiran..

  12. super duper round up...great to see so many dishes !


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