Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's (3T's) : Oct 19th 2010

Today is Tuesday and it is time to post a delicious and yummy recipe that I had tried from a fellow blogger or a friend or from someone in the virtual world.In my family we all love to eat chutney as a side dish for rice and dal or rotis or any breakfast/appetiser dish or even as a spread for sandwich.

One such chutney we enjoy is the combination of mango and coconut.I make this chutney very often at home.This time when I made it, I wanted to try making it in a different way than the regular chutney I make.Googling for a simple and deicious chutney with the combination of Mango and Coconut I came across this unique recipe that I had never tried before.Many might make this chutney but to me this was completely a new one.

Here is the person and the website from which I tried this recipe---------------

I followed her recipe as is without making any changes to it.The mango I used was nice and sour so I did not add any tamarind to it.Generally,I add cilantro leaves instead of curry leaves while grinding the chutney and use curry leaves along with the seasoning ingredients.I never used shallots and ginger while making the chutney before.The addition of ginger and shallots had given a very wonderful and unique flavor to the dish.We all loved this chutney and will definitely make it again.Thank you Nags for sharing this yummilicious recipe with us.
Dear friends,visit Nags website for the recipe of the dish I tried today and many more delicious recipes she has shared with us.Will be back with more tried and tasted recipes next Tuesday.Keep visiting Sumadhura for delicious and healthy recipes.I am not posting very regularly now but hope to post regularly soon.


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