Friday, October 1, 2010

Winner Announcement : $50 CSN Giveaway

Hello Friends,

Thank you for participating in this $50 CSN Giveaway.I am thankful to CSN for letting me promote their stores through my blog.

These are the members who have participated in the CSN Giveaway.Some of them did not comply to all the rules, but still I wanted to give everyone a fair chance.This is how I chose the winner-------

If you said you are a follower of SUMADHURA you got 1 entry and for every additional rule that you have complied with you got additional entries.The participants were allocated a number in the order I received their comments for this Giveaway.

Mandatory Rules for this Giveaway : Follow(F) + Subscribe(S) + Promote Giveaway(P)

1.Priya Mitharwal (F + P)

2.Sanyukta Gour (F + P)

3.Carol Sue (F + S + P)

4.Ragini Miranda (F + P)

5.Ramya Viayakumar (F + S + P)

6.Reshmi (F + P )

7.Shabitha Karthikeyan (F + S + P)

8.Heather (F + S + P)

9.Karen (F + S + P)

10.Priya(elaichii) (F)

11.Soumya (F + S)

12.Lindsey (F + P)

13.Nithu Bala (F + S + P)

14.ShriAnnaLakshmi (F)

15.Swapna (F + S + P)

16.Matt4melis (F + S + P)

Level 1 :
All 16 participants were in the raffle for being a follower and no.10 got picked randomly by my little one.

Level 2 :
All participants who satisfied atleast 2 rules were in the raffle including Level 1winner(10). Number 14 got eliminated as they followed only 1 rule.The winner of this Level was no.12 ,again randomly picked by my little one.

Final Level :
Only participants who satisified all the 3 rules were in the raffle including Level 2 winner(12).Rest of the members who did not satisfy all the 3 rules were eliminated. The final winner picked by my son was no.9 Karen from food according to Karen.

Congratulations ! Karen for winning this $50 CSN Giveaway.Soon a member from CSN will contact you. 


  1. That was very well explained Kiran and thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  2. Very interesting Kiran..wonderful job...!

    Congrats Karen...:)

    Tasty Appetite

  3. Hello Kiran.. pls let me if u have any more giveaway and event in future:)

  4. Kiran, please stop by as I have something to share with you!


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