Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Participating in "The 30 Best Recipes of 2010 Event" hosted by Chackos Kitchen

This is the first time I am participating in the 30 Best Recipes Event hosted by Chackos Kitchen and am very excited about it.I like all the recipes I posted in my blog because each and every recipe is cooked , tasted and enjoyed by our whole family.If my kids love the recipe, it is posted in my blog otherwise it does not get posted.

The recipes I choose to send to the 30 Best Recipes Event are-------------------

The reason I chose to send both these recipes to this event is that in both these recipes there is uniqueness.

The first recipe is a combination of different peels and stalks which are generally discarded considering as a waste.It is known that lots of nutrients are there in the peels/skin of the veggies and fruits, so why waste them, instead turn into a healthy chutney.The combination sounds odd but you will definitely love the flavor of the chutney.

The second recipe I chose is again a good combination of a veggie peel full of nutrients, a healthy grain and a healthy legume and on top of it ,it is fat-free.What more can we ask for than such a healthy dosa ?We can enjoy this for any meal of the day without any guilt.

Wishing all the participants the very best.


  1. Nice selection Kiran. Hope both your recipes get selected. Good luck Dear. Btw, the new look of your blog is so good..

  2. Nice choice Kiran, these two recipes are clear winner.

  3. Wow, yummy recipes to be sent. Best of luck for the event.

  4. Dear Nithu,Swathi and Priya,

    Thank you very much for your nice words.

  5. Dear Nithu,

    Thank you for noticing the change in the blog appearance.I am happy about the new look too.

  6. Both recipes are lovely. All the best..

  7. Most of us will throw Bottle-gourd & cucumber's peel, The above mentioned recipes are very useful for those who does not know how to make use of the peels.

  8. thanks a ton from your support for the event Kiran.

  9. best luck kiran...mouthwatering n healthy delicious..hru doing dear...missed ur yummy posts...@ur ques-liked ur new look with ur own creative pics banner...keep up the good work darling...hugs

  10. Nice recipes indeed..all the best!!

  11. Hey,

    Nice recipes for the event...:)



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