Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tasty and Healthy Juices on Thursdays : Juice Recipe # 22

As warm weather receeded and the cold air approached we started enjoying fresh fruit in their natural form than making juices.Few days back I had some fruit waiting to be finished and no one was in the mood to eat them ,so I ended up making juice which was an instant hit.

Juice Recipe # 22 :


We need the following ingredients for making this juice----------------

Red Grapes................1bunch(small)

Preparation :
Rinse the fruits under cold water.Clean the pineapple by trimming the outer layer and cut it into long pieces.Peel the tangerines, clementine and orange and core the apple.Now juice the citrus fruits followed by  an apple followed by grapes followed by another apple followed by pineapple followed by ginger.Stir the collected juice in the bowl with a ladle so that the juices blend in and serve the juice immediately.

This yielded 2 large glasses and 1 small glass of juice.The juice was yellow in color.


1) The juice was very delicious.With the juicer pulp I made halwa (just like the recipe in here) and it tasted very delicious.

2) As always, do check if the ingredients used in the juices are okay for you ,before you make these juices.

3) In a juicer always try to juice the soft fruit followed by hard fruits so that you can get the maxium juice out of the soft fruits.

4) A food that is healthy for one person may or may not be healthy for an other person.Always check with your doctor before you try these raw juices.


  1. Wow nice juice its very healthy.Will give a try.How r u dear not posting too frequently.

  2. nice and healthy juice
    do not hear from u

  3. Its been long time Kiran. how have you been doing?

  4. Sounds lovely. Now that I am back, I will get inspirations from your juices and make some :)

  5. Kiran.. this is really refreshing and healthy recipe.. :)

  6. Such a refreshing and thirst quencher drink ya! :D

  7. looks healthy and refreshing!

  8. Hey Kiran how are you?....healthy and refreshing juice...!

  9. Hi Kiran,

    How are you, I am fine . Your juice collection is expanding looks delicious.

  10. Very refreshing and healhty juice..

  11. Dear Kiran, I have an award for U. Kindly accept it from my blog ya! :D

  12. ur juice looks yummy... a fantastic cocktail with a group of fruits..should be healthy


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