Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's (3T's) : Nov 16th 2010

Dear Readers , today I am sharing with you all a simple and delicious dip that is easy to make and hearty to tasty.I tried this dip from a website that has simple and quick recipe ideas for parties.This dip is great with toast,corn chips,veggies and we even loved it just by itself.

Here is the tried and tasted recipe for the day----------------

While I was just browsing around I came across this simple and healthy gaucomole dip  recipe.The word spicy got my attention and I immediately followed the recipe given there.I followed most part of the recipe as is except that I reduced the quantity and made few changes.

We love the food spicy but not too hot that my kids can't enjoy.I used Paprika(less spicy) instead of Cayyene Pepper(very spicy) and I did not use red chillies as I already used jalapenos in there.The jalapenos I used were bottled ones so they were not very spicy either.The flavors of garlic,finely chopped red onion,lemon juice and olive oil with  a pinch of blackpepper made the dip delicious.I made it more flavorful by adding few leaves of cilantro.

Please visit the website Great Party Recipes for the recipe I posted here today.Another great way to add Avocado to your diet.Try it and you will definitely love it.Will be back with more tried and tasted recipes next Tuesday.


  1. Fantastic guacamole dip..need some tortilla chips rite now..

  2. Wow, sounds so lovely. How are you doing? How is your health now and hey, you didn't link it with my event, forgot? :)

  3. Avocado dip looks delicious Kiran....


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