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Healthy Whole Green Moong Kheer/Payasam and Participation Award from ShamaNagarajan

You might have noticed that I use very less sugar or no sugar in my sweet recipes.I use dates,honey or other fruits to sweeten my dishes.In today's recipe I used Agave Nectar.I never heard about it before until I came across this nectar in Gita's recipes.So I wanted to try this in my kheer recipe.It tasted very good without leaving any after taste on the tounge.I came across moong kheer in different blogs and everyone had a unique touch of their own in the recipes.Today's recipe is my version of a very simple and easy to make kheer with whole green moong daal.

I made this when we had friend's come over for dinner.I could not take step by step pictures but sure am going to explain it in steps.We all enjoyed the kheer and hope you would too.We enjoyed second servings too.

Let us get into the details of making this-----------

Main Ingredients :
Whole Moong.................1cup
2% Milk..........................4cup

Seasoning Ingredients :
Agave Nectar..................1/4cup

Garnish :
Golden Raisins.................few

Preparation :
Wash the whole green-moong well and pressure cook for 4 whistles.

Place a heavy-bottomed pan on the stove on medium heat and pour the milk in it and let it boil.

Once the milk reaches boiling point add the cooked moong to it and reduce the heat and slow cook for 10 minutes so that the milk turns golden in color.

Meanwhile in a pan add the ghee and fry the cashews and raisins till golden in color and switch off.

Now add the agave nectar and cardamom powder to the kheer and stir well.Finally garnish with cashews and raisins and turn off the stove.

Yummy and healthy Whole Moong Kheer is ready to serve.It can be served hot or cold.

1) I used 2% milk ,you can use milk of your choice.

2) I used agave nectar for sweet,you can use sugar ,honey ,jaggery or dates to sweeten your kheer.

3) We prefer less sweet so I used1/4 cup of sweetener,you can adjust sweet according to your taste.

I am sending this to CWS - Cardamom Seeds event hosted by Priya.

                                     Participation Award from Shama Nagarajan

For participating in the Kheer Event hosted by Shama I received this Participation Award.Thank you Shama.


  1. Congrats on your award Kiran. Nice template change and lovely looking payasam.

  2. Payasam looks great with the Nectar!

  3. Congrats on u r award.yummy payasam..

  4. Kiran,

    Nice healthy moong dal payasam. Using agave nectar in payasam is new one.

  5. moong payasam looks so delicious..
    congrats on ur award
    i have to try this nectar ..

  6. Thank you PriyaM,Cool Lassie,Divya,Swathi and Praniskitchen for your lovely comments.

  7. Congrats dear.. your kheer is very new to me, i dint know that kheer also can be cooked in so many version. looks tasty..

  8. Payasam looks awesome dear...very healthy and delicious :)

  9. congrats on ur awaerd kiran....i cant able to go out of ur blog,very nice music with lovely recipes,Wounderfull!!!

  10. Thank you Rumana,Gita and Premalatha for your awesome comments.

  11. Sugarfree sweets are always a boon for weight watchers.Have you used green moong dal for this,whole?That is something new..I make one with split moong dal using jaggery.

  12. Yummy payasam and congrats on the award.

  13. how this nectar tastes.Does it tastes little bitter or sweet.Wr we get this syrup.

  14. Wat a fantastic payasam, prefect for me..

  15. Kiran,, Kheer looks great dear ingredients are very health consciously u added.Congrats on ur award dear.

  16. Kiran,, Kheer looks great dear ingredients are very health consciously u added.Congrats on ur award dear.

  17. Congrats Kiran on your well deserved awards. Payasam looks so great n delicious.

  18. Kheer with whole moong.Very interesting.Never used agave.Love the interesting and healthy kheer

  19. Thank you Divya,Vineela,Priya,Sathya,Jay and CurryLeaf for your nice words.

  20. I like that you have used agave. Will try it.

  21. Srimathi thank you .Agave tasted good in the recipe.

  22. I do not have a pressure cooker. So how long should I cook moong in a normal vessel?

  23. Hi Anonymous,
    Soak the whole green moong for atleast 4hours(When the daals are soaked for longer time they become soft and help us cook fast).This will help you cook fast(30min) outside even without a pressure cooker.If you are using split yellow moong soak it for an hour and cook for 15mins.Hope this helps.


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