Monday, April 5, 2010

Ten Women I Like Most---A Chain Post

Nithu from Nithu's Kitchen has passed this Chain Post to me. According to her this Chain Post was started on the International Women's Day . I feel that every woman around us deserves to get this recognition.I would like to say a BIG Thank You to Every Woman around me,they all have made an impact on me in different ways.I also feel that this is a great way of saying Thank You to all those women who have achieved and proved themselves with their outstanding talents and set an example to every women around the world. Thank you Nithu for passing this Chain Post to me.

This comes with the following rules :

1. You should talk about ten women, you like most.
2. They should not be your relative.
3. You don't have to prioritize them.
4. All the ten people you select should represent different walks of life.
5. You should also say, why you like them.
6. You should pass this chain to few of your friends.

These are the following people I admire and like for their different talents:

1. Sarojini Rao---Teacher

    She is my 8th grade class teacher .I always liked the way she taught English Poetry and Prose.Her teachings created more interest in me to enjoy poetry and literature.

2. Koneru Humpy---Chess Player

    She is  a great pride to India and the state of Andhra Pradesh.I like her for her great talent in chess and her strategic moves.To know more about her and her achievements click here .

3. Shobha Raju---Singer , Writer and Orator

   She is a great singer ,writer and an orator.I like her for her great works on propagating Annamacharya Kritis and for spreading peace and divinity through her music .Her songs are always soothing and calming and her voice is divine .She says " Let us create a world of peace and love through divine music ". To know more about her click here .

4. Rachel Ray---Celebrity Chef , Author and  TV Personality

   I like her for her simple ways of cooking and the ease with which she cooks. I like her for her simplicity and down to earth nature despite being a celebrity.To know more about her click here .

5. Kiran Bedi---First Woman IPS Officer of India ,Social Activist

   She is the first woman IPS officer of India .I really admire her for her bravery and dynamism.To know more about her click here .

6. Oprah Winfrey---Talk Show Host , Actress , Philanthrophist

   I like her for her great oratory power and the various ways she is helping people.She is a great influential TV Personality.She is a great living example for all women showing that hurdles in life cannot stop you from reaching great heights in your life and career.To know more about her click here .

7. Savitri---Actress , Director and Producer
    She was a great actress who has mesmerised the South-Indian film industry with her acting talent and beautiful features.I always liked her films for the liveliness with which she performed . She is the best actress in the history of Indian movies.I feel that no one can ever replace her for her beautiful features,captivating performance and outstanding talent.To know more about her click here .

8. Indira Gandhi---First Woman Prime Minister of India

    I liked her for her courage and being an influential leader, in a prevalently male-dominated society.To know more about her click here .

9. Kalpana Chawla---Scientist , Astronaut

     I was very excited to know that Kalpana Chawla an Indian American Scientist and a Nasa Astronaut was one among the seven crew members of the Columbia shuttle but when I saw the disaster of the columbia space shuttle during re-entry in the TV news I could not stop my eyes from tearing.May her soul rest in peace.To know more about her click here .

10. Mother Teressa----Humanitarian

I always admired her and admire her for being a great human being and a great humanitarian.To know more about her you can click here.

 I would like to pass this to my blog-pals-----------

1. Priya Mitharwal
2. Kalai Jeeva
3. RV
4. Priya
5. Sarah Naveen
6. Anu
7. Pavithra
8. Satya Sridhar
9. Ruchika
10.Trick &Treat


  1. Dear,,you have done a great job and enjoyed reading about ur fav womens.Thanks for passing this to me also..sure will accept this chain post from you...thanks for sharing dear,,take care n keep on smiling,,

  2. Lovely post. Thanks for tagging me. Will do it when I get time.

  3. Love ur top ten women's list, many are my fav too..

  4. Dear Divya,thank you for accepting the post.Do it at your convenience.

  5. Kiran,
    Loved reading about your favourite womens. Few of them are my fav too, its good to know that most of us share common interests and inspirations.
    Thanx for passing it on to me dear, I would definitely love to share my fav list with you all!

  6. Dear Kalai,you are welcome.Waiting to see your favorite list.

  7. Enjoyed reading about ur favorites... Thanks for passing this to me will update soon...
    Thank you so much..


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