Friday, April 2, 2010

Okra / Bhendi Masala Pizza (Low Fat Indian Flavored Pizza)

This pizza was just a quick fix of all the few things that were handy.I wanted to make something quick and simple and at the same time something healthy.Suddenly I realized that there was only 1onion naan in the fridge,some pineapple salsa,cheese sticks and little okra waiting to be used . It's been a while that I made pizza.So this was something intersting,healthy and creative for the moment.
This pizza was a great hit with the kids. My kids were very happy to eat this pizza . After my little ones had their pizza they were telling each other "mommy makes the best vegetable pizza".It surely felt very nice to hear that from them.

Let us see what are the things we need and how to assemble it------------

Required Ingredients for Pizza :
Onion Naan............................1
Cheese Sticks.........................2
Pineapple Salsa.......................2tsp
Grated Carrot.........................2tsp
Chopped Onion......................2tsp
Bhendi/Okra Masala..............1/2cup

Preparation :
First I made quick Okra/Bhendi Masala (detailed recipe here) curry with few pieces of frozen okra.First I place the pan on medium heat and added oil.Once the oil heated up I added okra.Later I added chopped onion and tomato.Added turmeric,salt and little garam masala powder.I did not add any ginger garlic paste in this as I wanted the curry to be mild.So once the curry is ready keep it aside.

Now keep everything we need for the pizza in one place.

Now take the onion naan and heat it in the pan on both the sides for just a minute.Now place the naan in a oven friendly tray and spread the pineapple salsa on it.

Now take one of the cheese sticks and cut it into small pieces and top them over the salsa spread.

Now take the okra/bhendi masala curry and layer it on top of the cheese.

Now take the chopped onion and sprinkle on top.

Now top the pizza with other cheese stick cut it length-wise and layer it on the top.Finally sprinkle the grated carrot and place a little sour cream in the center of the pizza..

Now place the naan-pizza in the toaster-oven(Before starting to prep the pizza I preheated the toaster oven at 450F).

In 5 min the cheese started to melt and pizza is ready.I wanted the cheese to brown a little so I turned the knob to broil (medium) for few seconds and the cheese started to change color.Now switch off the oven.

Voila! yummy Okra/Bhendi Masala Pizza is ready.

Pictures of my kids enjoying the pizza with radish salad .They had chat masala flavored sour cream as dip for salad.

I am sending this pizza recipe to Global Kadai-Indian Flavored Pizza event being hosted by Lavi and started by Cilantro.

I am sending this pizza recipe to Col-Leftover Delicacies event started and hosted by Daisy Blue.


  1. Okra, what an idea? put together kids favorite and hate veggie in one dish!

  2. Dear Ruchika,Thank you for stopping by.My kids really enjoyed this pizza.

  3. Wow, what an imagination and creativity. Hats Off.

  4. Okra pizza, wow, a very novel recipe. Loved the illustrative clicks. Looks very tempting.

  5. Nice innovative idea dear...
    Pizza looks very tempting :-)

  6. Hi Kiran, what a great way to make pizza, so healthy and kids friendly.

  7. Dear Kiran, you have a tag award waiting at my blog..

  8. Dear Nithu,thank you for the award.

  9. thats nice n new to me....bhindi pizza//lov ur version...frst time hr u have nice space...glad to follow u!

  10. Dear Subhie Arun,thank you for visiting my blog and following.

  11. Dear Kiran, I've invited you for a chain post..please take a look at this post..

  12. Dear Nithu,thank you will surely visit the post.

  13. Kiran, I have an award for you in my blog, please get it :)

  14. Wow! Sooper Pizza, I would love to try this okra being my favorite vegetable! Nice innovative thought of using them.

  15. Dear Priya ,will surely collect it.thank you.


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