Sunday, April 4, 2010

TAG Award from Nithu Bala and Priya Mitharwal

We are playing tag now.Yes,I mean virtual TAG. I was TAGged  by Nithu Bala and Priya Mitharwal with the TAG Award and I am going to TAG 7 more. Now you know this game also has some rules :

1)I should pass it on to 7 friends.
2)I should post a favourite picture/pictures.

I would like to pass the TAG Award to my blog-pals-----------

Cooking Foodie

Here is one of my favorite picture .The most amazing , peaceful and beautiful experience of my life was in July 2002 when we went to visit the natures most beautiful creation--NIAGARA FALLS.Standing under the Bridal Veil Falls for the first time I felt that my mind was very calm.Well, that is the first and last time I could get into such a meditative trans.

Thanks to Nithu and Priya for the Tag Award and for bringing back nice memories.


  1. Hi Kiran,, congrats on ur award, thanks for ur wonderful comments on my space, do send anything as dosa to pancakes event yaar, i'll be very happy to see ur entry before 10th april dear..thanks for visiting..

  2. Dear Priya Mitharal,thank you.

  3. Dear Priya,thank you.I'll surely send in my entries for the pancakes event.

  4. Kiran, lovely photograph! Great place indeed! And congrats on you award!

  5. Congrats on the award Kiran and thank you so much for passing it on to me :)
    I loved Niagara too... I could visit there every summer... nice pic!

  6. Congrats on ur award ..That is indeed a beautiful picture kiran...

  7. Dear Cooking Foodie, Thank you.


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