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Apple-Orange-Cucumber Halwa from Juicer Pulp

Yes ,you  read ir right.Halwa with veggies like carrot and beetroot is no surprise to any one.They sure taste heavenly.Well , halwa with a veggie like cucumber is sure not heard or tasted ever by me.Now, I know that it is possible and sure tastes yum.

Coming to my recipe today ,I was sceptic about making this halwa at first because I was worried that orange pulp and cucumber pulp might give a bitter taste to the recipe.Anyway what is the harm in trying it,so I started out to make the halwa without adding too many ingredients so that the original  flavors of the fruit and veggie pulp could be tasted.I am very glad that I tried this recipe and we sure enjoyed every bit of it.

This is how I made it-------------------

Main Ingredients :
Apple-Orange-Cucumber Pulp......................1.5cups(from Juice Recipe #17)
Agave Nectar.............................................3 tbsp
Milk Powder..............................................1/4 cup (non-fat dry)

Seasoning Ingredients :
Ghee/Clarified Butter.................... 4tsp

Garnish :
Cashew Pieces.............................2tsp(roasted,unsalted)

Preparation :
Take the collected pulp after juicing and grind it in the blender jar to get the pulp into a smooth paste.I got 2 cups of pulp.

Collect the blended pulp in a bowl.Place a non-stick or thick-bottomed pan on the stove on medium-high heat and add 2tsp of ghee to it.

Once the ghee is hot add the apple-orange-cucumber pulp obtained from the jucer to the hot ghee in the pan and cook it stirring occassionally till the rawness is gone.

Once the pulp is cooked and starts to get brown spots , slowly add the agave nectar and stir it well.

Once you are done adding the agave, add milk powder and stir well .Make sure there are no lumps of milk powder and cook for 2more minutes.

Now add the other 2tsp of ghee , toasted unsalted cahews and cardamom powder to the halwa ,mix well and let it cook for 1 more minute and switch off the stove.

Delicious and healthy Apple-Orange-Cucumber Halwa is ready to be served.

Note :
1) It was delicious when served warm as well as when served cold.

2) I made small balls with the halwa as it will be handy for the kids to eat.My kids loved this combination so much that it vanished in no time. 

3) This is a great way to use the juiced pulp without wasting it.

4) I blended the pulp in the mixie jar because the pulp contains all the peels and the fiber from the fruits and they are in uneven consistency,blending heps them to get into even texture and it makes cooking easy.

5) Will definitely make it again.


  1. wow..very healthy halwa kiran.... delicious..

  2. Srividhya,
    Thank you for your quick response and nice words.

  3. That's very innovative Kiran!!! Looks delicious and surely a keeper !!

  4. Very innovative..recipe sounds great Kiran.

  5. Sounds very innovative and healthy!!

  6. Very creative and healthy halwa, great presentation too..

  7. This is interesting..halwa with fruits n veggies..never had or seen anything like this before..that surely looks deeelish!

  8. Thank you Shabitha,Nidhya,Padhu,Treat&Trick,Neha and Suman for your nice words.

  9. Wat a beautiful halwa, looks fabulous...

  10. that halwa must have really tasted heavenly! Nice Job Kiran!

  11. Wow..this halwa is very new to me.looks delicious.
    Loved your step by step pics!!

  12. That is such a healthy and yet tasty treat for the kids! Loved the way your kids are popping the halwa in their mouth!

  13. Hi Kiran
    How are you? Sorry I am not a regular person nowdays...missed your lovely event too..Innovative halwa..wish I can have now:)

  14. Hey Kiran sorry for missing your recipes gal!!! this is an awesome way to make use of the pulp!!! Nice and no guilty feeling EOD!!!

  15. ahhhhhhhhhh..thts a tempting halwa....gorgeous color...mymy howw u comewith such innovative ideas..bravo.....bookmarking it

  16. very different halwa.. never heard of it before. looks yummy ;)

  17. Found this blog post through a google search for recipes using leftover juicing pulp. I love gajjar halwa and your recipe looks delicious- can't wait to try it!! Thanks!!



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