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SUMADHURA has completed 6 Months

It's amazing that SUMADHURA has completed 6 months of fabulous journey in this blog world .In these 6 months of blogging I learnt a lot more about cooking and traditions that are unique to different families and cultures and made a lot of friends who have become a part of my family virtually.All these blog-pals and visitors of SUMADHURA have helped me come this far.Their visits and comments keep me going,they are like my daily dose of vitamins.The first thing I do after waking up in the morning and the last thing I do before I sleep , is check for comments in the dashboard.Even if there is 1 comment it makes my day special.

Down the memory lane , journey of SUMADHURA in the blog world in the past 6 months-------------

Starting of the Blog : Although I started this blog in Feb 2009, I did not make it available for public.It was under a different name and some how could not continue blogging.I just posted only 4 posts at that time.

Blog Going Public : Once I planned to make my blog available to public,I named it as SUMADHURA......A Delicious Journey.The blog became available to public on Feb 16th 2010.

First Comment : The first comment I received was on Feb 16th 2010 from Mr.Chaturvedula(my dear husband who was trying to encourage me :-)) and my blogger pal Daisy Blue for my Oil free Quinoa Dosa/Crepe recipe that I posted in December 2009.I was very happy and surprised to see both these wonderful people  leaving their comments on my blog.It was a very exciting moment.

First Post after going Public : The first recipe I posted on SUMADHURA after making it available to public was Khatta Meetha ChanaDaal Rasam.I posted this on Feb 17th 2010.

First Event Participation : The first event that I participated was in My Legume Love Affair( MLLA # 20) an event started by Susan and hosted that month by Rachel.

Blog Event Win # 1 : I was announced the winner of MLLA # 20 on March 1st 2010 by Rachel .Susan sent me a book " The Pasta Bible and a nice Oval Casserole Dish" for winning the event and Hurst Beans Company sent me 6 packs of beans of my choice.Thank you Susan and Hurst Beans.

First Guest Post : My first Guest Post was at Nithu's Kitchen.Nithu Bala was very encouraging to me in my initial days of blogging with her nice words.She has introduced me to many blogger's by interviewing me through her Guest Post on March 22nd 2010.She has a very organised space with lovely write-ups.

First Blog Award : I received my first Blog Award from Jagruti.She is a wonderful blogger who blogs at Joy of Cooking,do visit her space for all the colorful and delicious recipes she shares with us.She passed on to me the Sunsine Award and I posted it on March 23rd 2010.Thank you Jagruti

First GiveAway Win : I won my first GiveAway at Yasmeen's Health Nut blog.Yasmeen is a wonderful blogger that shares with us colorful and healthy recipes and also challenges and encourages us to make healthy foods with her healthy events. I was one of the three winners of the giveaway that was announced on June10th 2010.I received 2 coupons for Silk's Almond Milk.Thank you Yasmeen and Silk.

Blog Event Win #2 : I won the Healthy IceCream Carnival 2010 event at Yasmeen's Health Nut Blog.As I mentioned earlier Yasmeen encourages all her visitors with her healthy challenges.One such event she conducted is the Health Nut IceCream Challenge 2010 which encourages us to use healthy ingredients to make icecreams more guilt free and healthy.She conducted a voting for the best icecream to be chosen and the Avocado-Coconut Vegan IceCream that I sent for the event won 13 votes and got the 1st place.The win was announced on July 14th 2010 and won a copy of Rachel Albert-Matesz's Ice Dream Cook Book .Thank you Yasmeen and Rachel Albert-Matesz.

Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's(3T's) : I started trying the recipes posted by fellow bloggers in their blogs and posting them under tried and tasted in my blog.My first tried and tasted recipe was Coconut Rice from Sailu's Kitchen.Later I made a formal announcement about 3T's on May 11th 2010 that I would post Tried and Tasted Recipes regularly on Tuesday's(3T's) and I have been keeping up my promise so far and hope to keep this going on as long as I can.This is my way of saying Thank You and Appreciating the efforts of fellow bloggers.

Tasty and Healthy Juices on Thursdays : On May 20th 2010,I made another announcement that I will be posting some tasty and healthy juices every Thursday.From then,every Thursday I have been posting healthy juices that we have tried at home.All these juices have their original flavors and do not contain any added sweeteners.I hope to keep this going as long as I can.

My First Event Initiation : I announced my first event Cooking with Whole Foods(CWF) on June 10th 2010 along with the celebration of my 100th post.I would like CWF to be an ongoing event and would appreciate all the help I can get from all the fellow bloggers in keeping this healthy event alive.Blogger friends Nithu,Priya Mitharwal,Priya Suresh,Niloufer,Denny,Sanyukta and Suma Gandlur have accepted to host this event in the future months.Thank you dear friends for keeping it going.Only team work can help me continue this healthy journey.If you are intersted in hosting this event in the future , please leave a line to me at .

My Energy Boosters : I am continuously supported by many blog-pals with their warm wishes and nice words on my every post that I had posted till date.Thank you one and all for boosting my energy every day with your nice words.But I would like to name a blog-pal that stands out among all these friends who has never stopped sharing her thoughts on most of my posts since the day she first visited SUMADHURA..........She is none other than the wonderful blogger Priya Mitharwal.Thank you Priya Mitharwal and all other fellow bloggers for your continuous support.Please keep visiting and encouraging me with your views and thoughts regarding my posts.

These are the few snippets of SUMADHURA's journey these past 6 months in the blog world.In these 6 month's jouney I participated in many blog events, received many blog awards from the wonderful blog-pals and got appreciations for my recipes from the visitors of SUMADHURA.I wish to continue this journey with all the support I can get from fellow bloggers and visitors of SUMADHURA.


  1. Congrats on the milestone Kiran..wish you many many more to come..lovely post!!

  2. hi Kiran
    wish you all the best and congrats.

  3. congrats kiran and many more to come in future...

  4. Congratulations Kiran. Wishing you gazillion more posts and loads of success.

  5. Thank you friends for your warm wishes and continued support.

  6. Congratulations and wish you many more. Very well summarized

  7. Congrats Kiran and wish you the very best...

  8. thts indeed a great post kiran.nicely written ..loved reading it.great to knw abt u n ur wonderful blog a little more...u hv come a long long way girl...all the best and my best best wishes n success to u always in whtever u do...wish to see many more of ur creative posts and numerous unending milestones...hugs

  9. Congratulations on your milestone !! Loved reading the post and great knowing more about Samudra !!Wishing you any more milestones !!

  10. Thank you Niveditha,Pushpa,Sanyukta and Shabitha for all warm wishes and nice words.

  11. Kiran, my heartiest congratulations on completing 6 months of this delicious blog. I feel blessed and honored to have a blog friend like you and you have made my day/week/month/year everything by naming me in your thanks. The pleasure is all mine. Actually, in a way, about a week ago, even I finished 6 months a week ago, so we have kind of started out journey together, so hoping we go hands in hands a long way. Keep posting super yummy recipes. God Bless you, your family and your blog :)

  12. Congrats Kiran! it was such a sweet info that you have given on your major milestone. Best wishes for many more dishes to come out!

  13. I tried to post a comment earlier, not sure if it went through and hence reposting!
    Congrats, Congrats and best wishes for all the major mile stones to come!

  14. Congrats kiran on your milestone dear...hope to see many more yuumy recipes from you dear..

  15. Congrats on ur milestone ... this is the first time i am visiting ur blog ... and u have a wonderful recipes .....


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