Thursday, August 5, 2010

Healthy Living,Whole Foods and CWF-LB : ChickPeas at Nithu's Kitchen

We are all , so used to eating refined and processed foods that we tend to ignore the healthy whole foods around us.To make a change in my lifestyle as well as to influence a few around me to eat more whole foods, I came up with Whole Foods Event.

When it comes to my own lifestyle,I try using less or no oil in my foods,use less sugars and salts in my cooking and also try to include good amount of whole foods in my diet but I can't say "no" to white rice.One bad thing about me is I do not exercise regularly.Though my cooking habits are helping me live better ,still I am not the healthiest person on earth.There are still so many things I need to change in my cooking and life style.Sometimes I feel bad that maybe I am depriving my family from all the traditional foods that are made with deep oil frying,but again I tell myself that they are fine without having them too.You believe it or not I hardly use deep frying in my cooking(deep fried 10 or 12 times in the last 10years).

When parents or adults in the family have healthy living lifestyle , kids too try to copy them and live a healthier life.For a healthier you and for a healthier me , let us try to cook and eat healthy and make healthy lifestyle changes. 

On June10th, I started the Cooking with WholeFoods Event (CWF) and chose Whole Grains(WG) : Barley as my choice ingredient.It is going to end on Aug 10th.Please do send in your entries for this event.

For the next 2 months(Aug 10th to Oct10th) CWF will be hosted at Nithu's Kitchen.Nithu is a wonderful blogger with delicious collection of recipes in her website.She has accepted to host the Whole Foods Event and chose Chick Peas as her Whole Foods ingredient.Do visit her website for more information about this event and keep sending your delicious entries.

Bloggers and Non-Bloggers are requested to participate in this ongoing Whole Foods Events and share with others your healthy eats.

Also any suggestions for a healthy living are welcome.Pour in your suggestions.

If you are interested in Hosting the CWF in future you can contact me here

Keep sending your recipes with Barley to me.Last date of the event is Aug10th.


  1. OhMy...really very very healthy event..used deep fry 10-12 times in 10 yrs..dats a shock 4 me really i may do dat in 6mnts...omg!!! really after carefully reading .. i to became a health concious... ur event changed my mind... i dont know how to thank u.. gald to follow ur blog..

  2. Thank you Asha for your quick response for the post.It's hard for all of us to change at once,but slowly making changes one day at a timewe sure can live healthier.

  3. That a really great event..will try 2 send something

  4. Really healthy and intersting event kiran...will try to send my entry...


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