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Celebrating My 150th Post with CWF-WG : BARLEY Event Round-Up

SUMADHURA has reached an other milestone by reaching the 150th post.It's all happened with the encouragement of my family,fellow bloggers and all the unique visitors who browse through SUMADHURA for recipes of their liking and continue to encourage me with their nice words and frequent visits.

I celebrated my 100th post with the initiation of Cooking with Whole Foods Event and am happy to have started it.I chose Barley as the main ingredient for the event.Though barley is not often used by many of us regularly in our house-holds, I just wanted to make this ingredient more familiar to myself and people around me.With this event I got introduced to many unique and creative recipes with Barley.

Being a new blogger and this being my first event ,I am happy that I received a good number(46) of entries for the CWF-WG: Barley Event.I loved the creativity and uniqueness of each and every recipe that I received from bloggers and non-bloggers.For some it is the first time they have tried this grain, and I am very happy they did and they are too.Dear Visitors of SUMADHURA do not be afraid to introduce yourselves to new grains and whole grains.There are a lot of benefits from them.They can help us nourish our body with healthy nutrients.

Today I am celebrating my 150th post with CWF-WG:Barley Event Round-Up.I thank all the participants of this event for making it successful and hope to see your continued support for the Cooking with Whole Foods Events being hosted in future by fellow bloggers and make them successful.I am posting the round-up in the order I received.

Let us begin --------------------

Recipes sent by blogger Priya Suresh from Paris,France :



Thank you Priya for showering this event with your delicious recipes.

Recipes sent by blogger Krishnaveni Mahesh from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada :


Thank you Krishnaveni for showering this event with your delicious recipes.

Recipes sent by non-blogger Rupa Khandelwal from Philadelphia ,Pensylavania,USA :

Rupa is a non-blogger from Pensylavania,USA who has sent me wonderful recipes with barley for this event.Thank you Rupa for your interest in this event and by encouraging me with your participation.Let us see what she has to say in her own words -------

I don't blog at all ...but I always look for some vegetarian healthy recipes and I really appreciate your efforts to come up with Indian healthy food...I have gr8 respect to our Indian food and culture and I feel really thankful to our ancient people who took efforts to find out easy and gr8 healthy methods of cooking with grains,veggies,fruits.

Here are her recipes---------------

17) Recipe Name : Veggie Barley Soup

Preparation :
Hey its a very good and nutritious recipe.

Soak - 1 cup barley ,kidney beans,lentil over night and then pessure cook.

Veggies: carrot,celery,onion,tomato,red bell pepper,spinech,zucini, many as you want or like. cut ordice small so that these can fit in spoon easily.

Put all veggies in a pan together on medium/high heat add organic pasta sauce of your choice ,add cooked barley,beans and lentil to veggies with water bring it to boil together , add salt /pepper according to taste .

Serve in a bowl hot/cold you don't need any dinner roll or soup sticks its a complete meal .

I make it almost every week, every one loves it .

18) Recipe Name : RAABDI

Here is one more recipe for breakfast or evening snack time.Its very popular in Rajasthan, its called RAABDI( don't confuse with rabdi :-) ).

Actually this can be made with any Grain(cereal).Mostly in winter with bajara or makka and in summer with barley.It can be made by oats .

Preparation :
Take one cup of barley and grind it (I mostly use my coffee grinder)coarsely.In a pressure cooker take 2-3 cups of butter milk (chach/mattha) and barley powder pinch of salt.Switch on flame and keep stirring the batter.When it starts boiling put the lid on and let 3 whistles come up.After cooker cools down open the lid and it should be as thick as idli dough consistency.It is ready to be served.

If you like to eat it hot then take milk in a bowl and add Raabdi and lil sugar like milk and cereal.

If you like it cold, then refrigerate it and in a bowl take one scoop of raabdi with some chaach (buttermilk) add salt or sugar according to your taste.

19) Recipe Name : Gujraati Muthiya

One more recipe.It's very interesting and tasty too...Gujraati muthiya.

Flours : Barley,gram ,wheat ,bajra
1 tsp Cumin seed powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
Crushed green chili , ginger,Garlic
1 tsp Ajwain,sesame seed,posta(khuskhus)
1 Pinch asafetida
Grated veggies : bottle guard ,carrots ,cabbage
Oil ,Grated coconut ,Chopped coriander
Salt ,Sugar to taste

How to make Muthia :
• Combine all flour, salt and sugar in a big bowl.
• Add cumin seed powder, turmeric powder, crushed green chillies,crushed garlic, and crushed ginger.
• Mix properly and knead lightly.You can add some Eno or baking soda for soft texture (I don't normally
recomend to compro with vitamins and don't like to mess up with blood pressure)
• Shape into long thin rolls with your fingers or pour into idli molds.
• Steam for half an hour or until cooked. you can eat as is with any chutney/ketchup or for better taste. Heat oil, add ajwain seeds ,sesame seed ,posta (khuskhus),curry leaves and asafoetida.Add muthia and saute until brown.

Garnish with grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves.Enjoy with any chutney

I am pretty flexible if any veggie or flour missing thats fine with me.I always make extra quantity muthias and leftover I use in my curry .

Thank you Rupa for sharing these delicious recipes with us.

Recipe sent by Premalatha from Singapore:

Thank you Premalatha for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Saveur from Toronto,Canada :

Thank you Saveur for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Padhu from India :

Thank you Padhu for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipes sent by Priya Yallapantula Maitharwal from California,USA :


Thank you Priya for sending these deicious recipes for the event.

Recipes sent by Yasmeen from USA :

Thank you Yasmeen for showering this event with delicious recipes.

Recipes sent by Swathi from USA :

Thank you Swathi for sending these delicious recipes for the event.

Recipe sent by Denny from Seattle,USA :

Thank you Denise for sending this delicious recipe to the event.

Recipes sent by Nithu Bala from USA  :

Thank you Nithu for sending these delicious recipes for the event.

 Recipe sent by Veena Krishnakumar from Chennai,India :

Thank you Veena for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Pushpa Kumar from USA :

Thank you Pushpa for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Sangeetha from California,USA :

Thank you Sangeetha for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Satyasree from Minneapolis,USA :

Thank you Satyasree for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Srividhya Ravikumar from India :

Thank you Srividhya for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Usha Nandini from India :

Thank you Nandini for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Recipe sent by Suma Gandlur from Illinois,USA :

Thank you Suma for sending this delicious recipe for the event.

Finally my recipes for the event are :

My heart-ful thank you to all the participants of this event.  At first, I was skeptical, if I would get any entries for this event but you all have out-done my expectations and made this event a great success for me. A special thank you to Priya Suresh (10 entries), Krishnaveni (6 entries) and Yasmeen (5 entries) for sending maximum number of delicious and healthy recipes for this CWF-WG : Barley event.

Dear friends, I posted all the recipes I received in  here , if I missed any of your entries please let me know.Please accept the following THANK YOU card from me to you for your participation in CWF-WG:Barley Event.(To accept the card left click on the pic and save).

Please keep giving your continuous support for the future Cooking with Whole Foods(CWF) Events.Right now CWF-LB: Chickpeas is being hosted by Nithu Bala from Aug10th to Oct 10th .Keep sending your recipes.

If you are interested in hosting CWF Event in the future , contact me at


  1. Congrats on ur 150th post.I dont know nothing with barley but now i will buy barley and try some of them in ur collection dear.Thank u very much for the event.

  2. wow, so many barley recipes, looks good, thanks Kiran for this wonderful event and also for the beautiful card

  3. Congratulations Kiran on your 150th post!Its really exciting to see so many different recipes made out of barley.Thanks for the event and the card...

  4. wow!! that's a great round up!!! so many dishes with barley!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That is a major milestone. Just goes to show your dedication towards food. Wish you a thousand more and beyond. Keep going.
    I have never cooked with barley..but seeing such a lovely collection of awesome barley dishes, am really motivated.
    Lovely round up Kiran!

  6. Congrats Kiran for 150th post and also for completing your first event successfully..Really, this event was very useful for us..have tried a new grain which I've never used in my cooking..couldn't send you more..sorry about that..The round up is so wonderful and sure to try a atleast some:-)

  7. happy to see the entries,all recipes are gr8!

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  11. Congrats on your 150th post! Amazing to see how many things can be made with barley.

  12. Congrats on reaching 150th post ... Lovely roundup .. very true , being a budding blogger and got 46 entries for your event is great da ... May your blog see many more such events and posts in the future .. Keep up the good work sweet heart

  13. Congratulations Kiran for 150 ! Such an achievement and such a nice way to celebrate it !

  14. Congrats on your 150th post Kiran, so many lovely recipes with Barley, I just missed the event:-(
    You have done a great job here.

  15. Congrats on your 150th post!

    Awesome roundup!

  16. Congrats kiran for ur 150th post ...u r doing a gr8 job dear ...barley the grain which we rarely use ,u make that grain we got much idea to of using the gain in our daily routine...all dishes r very innovative n delicious ..its gr8 round up ...


  17. Kiran, first of all congrats on achieving 150 posts.

    Secondly congrats on a successful event. Wow, 46 entries, beautiful and delicious. I have bookmarked the entire page as every recipe is better than the other. I am surely going to slowly try each and every one of them.

    I accept Thank you card and will surely blog about it soon.

  18. Congratulations Kiran for 150 ! Such an achievement and such a nice way to celebrate it !

  19. First time here...lovely round up...and you have a wonderful space here....will be in touch with you....

  20. That was a wonderful roundup dear.... any cooking with barley... i end up here....

  21. congrats kiran for the milestone...may we see more 10000000000000000000 healthy n delcious posts..all the very best..happy blogging...was nt able to b a part of this awesome event but wil bookmark entire page and wil cook sumthing for myself with barley when my family is nt around and i can cook sumthing just for myself...great healthy thought ..CWF rocks,,.

  22. Fantastic round up and so many healthy dishes with barley under one roof


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