Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tasty and Healthy Juices on Thursday's: Juice Recipe # 17

I did not forget my juice recipe for the day,was busy whole day so posting it now.I am sharing another delicious and healthy juice that I tried this week.The juice I am sharing with you today is a very delicious combination of two delicious fruits and one veggie.

Juice Recipe #17 :

We need the following ingredients for making this juice----------------

Red Apples...................2(big)

Preparation :
Rinse the fruits and veggie under cold water.In a juicer always try to juice the soft fruit or veggies followed by hard fruits and veggies so that you can get the maxium juice out of the soft fruits.First juice the orange followed by apple and finally cucumber in such a way that the soft fruit followed by hard until all of them are juiced.Stir with a ladle so that all the juices blend in and serve the juice immediately.

This yielded 1 large glass and 1 small glass of juice.The juice was mustard-yellow in color.

1) As always, do check if the ingredients used in the juices are okay for you ,before you make these juices.

2) I juiced the cucumber with the peel on as it was a home grown cucumber.You may remove the peel if you don't like it.

3) A food that is healthy for one person may or may not be healthy for an other person.Always check with your doctor before you try these raw juices.


  1. delicious juice n at the same time healthy too the combo ...thanks for sharing


  2. Thats a juice i have never heeard of .. i am sure it would have tasted wonderful

  3. Dear Satya and Pavithra,

    Thank you for your nice words.The juice sure was very tasty and delicious.

  4. iam sure the juice will be yummy!

  5. Really a healthy juice dear....

  6. A delicious combo! So healthy and yumm!

  7. very new combo 4 me..looks refreshing ..
    thanx 4 sharing dear :)

  8. You really give us wonderful combos.. Great ideas..

  9. creative juice kiran..very innivative..sounds tasty with my fav cucumber....keep rocking girl

  10. as usual delicious juices. I like this combination particularly well :)

  11. really refreshing very good for this hot good combo redapple n orange

  12. You have very good collection juice recipes, this is a fantastic combination, just love it.
    I'll refer your blog for juice recipes from now.

  13. very refreshing dish.
    i am first time here. wonderful space created.u also visit my blog . i am new .so i want ur views.

  14. HI
    Sharing an award with you. Please visit my blog and collect it.


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