Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beauties of Nature from My Patio Garden

Every year during summer, I love to grow plants in my small patio garden.Here are some of the pictures from my garden this year.Some birds were a part of this beautiful pictures too.

Photos Taken by  My Son(Just turned 7yrs last week) and My Daughter(3 yrs).

Tulsi Plant

Tulsi Flowers

Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus Flower

Zucchini Plants

Zucchini Flowers

Capsicum and Jalapeno Plants

Jalapeno Flower

Eggplants(plants with big leaves)

Eggplant Flower

Key Lime Plant

Key Limes

Tomato Plants

Tomato Flower

Jasmine Casca

Bird Enjoying Bird Food

Bird on the Tree

Methi Leaves

Cilantro Leaves


  1. kiran dear what a wonderful collection of plants.. good job da.the flowers and tulsi all .. really awesome ..

  2. Those are beautiful pics taken by your kids and wonderful collection of flowers and veggies both :)

  3. Wow kiran u got nice collection even this year i too started small garden at my patio.But very few.

  4. Kiran,

    You have future photographers in your house. Pictures looks really great. Nice collection of plants.

  5. Woww beautiful garden clicks, u have a lovely collection of plants...

  6. Kiran...your garden looks wishes to your cute kids..:)

  7. Your kids have done a splendid job! The Pics are lovely!!!! I love your collection of plants :-)

  8. Lovely garden n nice clicks...First time here,nice blog n gr8 layout....

  9. Wounderfull garden,very colourfull...

  10. bravo....awesome kiran....lovely beauties..hats off to u...i just plant methi leaves...tht too in an alu container or plastic container...soothing refreshment to the eyes..keep up the good work darling


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