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Beerakaya Jeelakarra Karam Kura/RidgeGourd Curry with Cumin Flavored Chilly Powder

This is a very delicious ,healthy and easy to make Ridgegourd curry.This ridgegourd is also known as Chinese Okra.This vegetable is very healthy and can be given even when one is not well.It is digested very quickly.We can use this vegetable in making curries,chutneys etc.To season this curry, I am using cumin flavored paprika which gives a nice flavor to this dish.The recipe I am presenting today will be ready just under 10 minutes. 

Let us see how this simple and healthy curry is made-----------

Main Ingredients :
Tender Ridgegourd/Beerakaya............2 large(peeled and cubed)

Seasoning Ingredients :
Canola Oil..........................................1tbsp
Cumin Flavored Paprika.....................2tsp taste

Garnish :
Cilantro..............................few leaves

Preparation :
Rinse the ridge gourd and keep the peel aside.Cut it into 1 inch length pieces.Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat and add oil.Once the oil is hot add the ridgegourd pieces to the oil and cook covered for 2 min.

Now remove the lid and add very little salt and turmeric to the cooking veggies and stir well.

While the ridgegourd is cooking let us make the cumin flavored paprika powder.Take 2tsp of cumin and  2tbsp of paprika powder and grind them together with little salt in the mixie jar till the cumin is crushed. Delicious cumin flavored paprika powder is ready.

Now add the required amount of cumin flavored paprika powder(save the remaining powder for future use) to the cooked ridgegourd and let it cook for1 more minute and switch off the stove.

Delicious RidgeGourd Curry with Cumin FLavored Paprika is ready to be served with hot rice or rotis.

Note :
1) Generally Ridgegourd when cooking retains water , if you do not like your curry watery add a teaspoon of rice flour or besan flour to the curry and mix well .This helps thicken the curry.

2) I did not add any flours to the curry.

3) My mother makes cumin flavored paprika with red whole chillies and  cumin and makes a coarse mix.As I did not have enough time I substituted paprika powder for whole chilly and got a smooth texture, this is a good way becuase kids will not feel the heat of the chilly flakes.

4) You can make this flavorful paprika powder in large quantity and save it for future use.You can use this to season stir fries and other curries too.


  1. thats so simple and delicious curry.. liked the chineese okra..

  2. Kura looks delicious and easy to prepare..yummmyyy!!

  3. Sounds simple and quick dear.

  4. hi kiran
    kura chala bagundi ...naku birakaya jeelakarra kharam anthe chala amma ee kura chesedhi...thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Kiran koora chala baagundhi.Noru oorutundhi.Maa papa ki ee kura ante chala istam.Kura colour chala baagundhi.

  6. Wow!!! very simple and yummy recipe...luks woundefull.

  7. Kiran,

    Ridgegourd curry looks really nice. i like the flavourings

  8. Lovely Curry. Will go well with Roti or Yogurt Rice.

  9. nice simple without a lot of it this way..

  10. Sounds so delicious... Simple too..

  11. Hi. I loved this idea of cumin flavored paprika. Simple curry to try, good for everyday cooking.

  12. Hi. I loved this idea of cumin flavored paprika. Simple curry to try, good for everyday cooking.

  13. never tried making a curry with ridge gourd....interesting dish!


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