Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Bake Chocolate-Cream Cheese Soccer Pizza

The title of the dish says what this pizza is.This is a dish that looks like pizza,with soccer ball shaped toppings and well it is not baked.Niloufer from Kitchen Samraj is hosting an event based on Soccer Mania and I am sending this delicious no bake pizza for this event.It is an inspired creation for this event.For this pizza I used onion naan as the base,(you can use the regular pizza base too) and the toppings are cream cheese and chocolate.

Let us see how this delicious naan pizza is made---------------

Main Ingredients :
Onion Naan.......................2
Plain Cream Cheese...........1/4cup
Brown Chocolate Chips......1/4cup+2tsp

Preparation :
Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat and toast the naans lightly on both the sides and keep them aside to cool.

In a microwave safe bowl take the chocolate chips and heat them for 30 seconds and stir them and put them back for another 30 seconds. Repeat this till chocolate melts. Add ghee to the melted chocolate and mix it nicely and keep it aside.

Now take a Naan in a plate and spread with a thick coating of cream cheese to form the white base of a soccer ball.

Now top the cream cheese coated Naan with melted chocolate in the soccer ball pattern.

Delicious chocolate cream cheese pizza with soccer ball pattern is ready to be served.

Note :
1) My kids loved this delicious pizza as it had chocolate,cream cheese and mostly because it was looking like a soccer ball treat.


  1. Wow Kiran, what a dessert pizza. unusual combination in a pizza, looks wonderful and what a creativity :)

  2. Kiran no bake chocolate cream pizza looks really yummy.

  3. sounds interesting so u made a delicious pizza with out baking.. thats good

  4. wow...superb idea...i tried to make something for this event but guys are really rocking...great

  5. hahaha....wooooow that looks so cute.... and innovative, no wonder your kids loved it, who wouldn't ! :)

  6. That's quite an unusual combination, looks really good, nice entry for the event.

  7. wow thats one way we can make the kids eat it :d... its so amazing to see itself..i m sure it would be tasty too :)

  8. Thank you dear friends for your nice words.

  9. Wow Kiran, this is an unusual combination in a pizza, looks different and new :)

  10. woo looks soo good dear..ur kids would have enjoyed a lot right?

  11. such a cute pizza!!! thank u 4 sending a delicacy to my event.

  12. When my son sees this amazing soccer pizza, I know that he will do anything just to have and eat it. Thank you for sharing your blog.

  13. pizza looks delicious and easy to make

  14. Cute one dear, kids would love it.

  15. Where do you all get these ideas from!

  16. Looks delcious..kind a creative.


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