Monday, July 12, 2010

RidgeGourd Peel-Barley-Moong Dosa/Crepe (Healthy and Fatfree Crepes)

Have been quite busy for the past 2 weeks and am lagging behind in posting many of the recipes.Well finally I am back after 3 days with a nice and healthy dosa recipe that has been waiting to be posted for a long time now.This was supposed to make it's way to Nithu's Best out of Waste Event but could not post it early.This dosa is not only rich in nutrients but sure very good for the hot weather.

This recipe goes to my event CWF : Barley . Dear readers please do participate and send your delicious entries to this event.
Let us see how I made this delicious and healthy dosa-------------

Main Ingredients :
Ridgegourd Peel.................1cup
Yellow Moong Daal...........2cups
Green Chilly........................4(to taste)
Water................................enough to grind 

Seasoning Ingredients :
---------------------------- taste

Preparation :
In separate bowls rinse the moong daal and barley and soak them for 4hours.Take the rinsed and cleaned ridge gourd peel and chop it into small pieces.

After 4 hrs,blend the ridgegourd peel and barley with water, ginger and chillies(the green batter below) and then blend moong daal with the remaining water(yellow batter below).The batter must not be too runny or too thick,it must be smooth and pourable consistency.

Pour both the batters into a single bowl and add salt to taste and mix them together.You can see that the batter is green in color(color of the ridgegourd peel).Now that the batter is ready we can make the dosas.

Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat and let it get hot , now spoon the batter on the pan and spread the batter from inside to out in circular motion making a circle of the batter.

Let the batter cook for a minute and you will see that the dosa will be leaving the sides of the pan then flip the dosa to the other side and let cook for a minute or till the dosa is golden in color.

Remove the dosa from the pan and make few more in the same way as in the above step.

Delicious and healthy RidgeGourd Peel-Barley-Moong Dosa/Crepe is ready to be served.We had it with Kiwi-Cantaloupe Chutney and Yogurt .

Note :
1) I did not use any oil for making dosas.

2) I did not use whole moong because I did not want it's color to dominate the color of the ridgegourd peel.

3) Ridge gourd peel has lot of nutrition and this is another way to make use of it.


  1. What a healty recipe... well explained.. i'll try dis.. happy to follow ur blog

  2. Wow kiran..this is new to me..sounds so delicious and healthy..shure will try.

  3. such a healthy and beautiful dosa, great

  4. Wonderful recipe Kiran. You know what
    I had 2-3 recipes of Barley and not sure why, but I kept thinking your event is over, but later realized it is till August 10th, so I still have time to participate :)

  5. Ohhh Kiran i envy your Dosa skills, wish i can possess such skills for such wonderful and perfect Dosas.

  6. Kiran,

    Healthy dosa i liked very much. Looks good.

  7. Looks very healthy and delicious.

  8. luks very nice have choosen a very healthy choice.

  9. Wat a healthy dosa, looks super crispy and yummy..

  10. Wow Kiran, your dosa looks so crispy and yummy.

  11. thats so innovatite.good idea of using the barley in dosa.. really delicious and good one


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