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Tasty and Healthy Juices on Thursday's: Juice Recipe # 14 and Watermelon Halwa from Juicer Pulp

Today is Thursday and I am sharing with you a juice recipe and a halwa recipe that I tried yesterday.Juice recipe is not new as I already shared it with you before except a small change.The main recipe that gets the attention today is the Watermelon Halwa that I tried.

In my family we are not much fans of sweets except my daughter.We enjoy few sweet dishes that are traditional and also we prefer to have very less sweet in the sweet dishes.I should really thank Nivedita for starting the Halwa event ,because only after her announcement , for the 1st time I  made Apple-Pineapple-Ginger Halwa and the 2nd one is the Watermelon Halwa.Both these dishes were very tasty and at the same time healthy and can be enjoyed without guilt.I made both these halwas with the fruit pulp that remained after juicing ,so it is a great way to get nutrients from the peels and rinds of the fruits without wasting them or trashing them.

Juice Recipe # 14 :
I already shared this recipe with you before(Juice #7) except that in this juice we are not adding ginger.The only ingredient needed for this juice is ---------

Watermelon............3/4th of a big water melon

Preparation :
Rinse the watermelon and remove the outer green rind.You can leave the white part on,so that while juicing you get the nutrients from the white pith of the watermelon as well as the fruit part.Now cut the melon into big chunks and run it through the juicer.As watermelon is a soft fruit, while juicing some of the pulp with juice will end up in the pulp container of the juicer.You can run this pulp through the juicer again to squeeze the rest of the juice out of it or instead use the pulp to make a delicious halwa that I am going to share with you now.

This yielded 5 large glasses of juice.The juice was red or dark purple in color.

WaterMelon Halwa from Juicer Pulp

This is another halwa that I tried yesterday.After making the watermelon juice ,some pulp was left .Everytime I rejuice it and make juice from it.This time I did not want to rejuice.Instead I made a halwa out of it and the end result was a very delicious watermelon hawa.Will definitely make this again.

This is how I made this delicious Watermelon Halwa-------------------

Main Ingredients :
WaterMelon Pulp..........................2cups(pulp from Juice Recipe #14)
Agave Nectar...............................4tsp
Milk Powder................................1/4cup(non-fat dry)

Seasoning Ingredients :
Ghee/Clarified Butter.................... 4tsp

Garnish :
Cashew Pieces.............................2tsp(roasted,unsalted)

Preparation :
Place a non-stick or thick-bottomed pan on the stove on medium-high heat and add 2tsp of ghee to it.

Once the ghee is hot add the watermelon pulp obtained from the jucer to the hot ghee and keep stirring it till the juices in the pulp are reduced and the pulp gets thicker.

After almost 20mins I put the stove on high for 5 minutes continuously stirring ,that helped the juices to reduce otherwise it would have taken longer.

Once the pulp is reduced to almost 1cup ,now add the agave nectar and stir well.

Now add the nonfat dry milk powder and mix well so that no lumps are formed.

Now add the other 2tsp of ghee to the pan and mix well.

Finally add the toasted unsalted cashew pieces to the halwa ,mix well and let it cook for 1 more minute and switch off the stove.

Delicious and healthy WaterMelon Halwa is ready to be served.

Note :
1) The end result was a delicious cup of halwa.

2) Will definitely make it again but next time will use only 2tsp of agave.

I am sending this to Celebrate Sweets: Halwa Event hosted by Nivedita.

I am sending this Juice and Halwa Recipes to Iftar Moments Hijri 1431 Event hosted by Umm Mymoonah.


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  13. Hi Kiran,
    Thanks a lot for sending this to my event.
    Nice clicks and lovely halwa.

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    Hamaree Rasoi

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