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Tried and Tasted on Tuesday's(3T's) : July 27th 2010

Dear visitors of SUMADHURA , the last few days have been kind of stressful as I had a sprained neck and shoulder and could not post anything on the blog , but I sure wouldn't miss the Tuesday's.Today I am back with 3 delicious recipes that I tried and tasted from 3 wonderful bloggers.Without any further delay here are the tried and tasted recipes----------------

I followed the recipe as is and it tasted very delicious.It is just right for the hot summer days.My kids enjoyed every sip of it.Thank you Anjum for sharing this delicious milkshake with us.

I wanted to make this pudding since I saw it the day she posted.Finally I could make it and post it here in tried and tasted.I did not have mango fruit at home,so I used mango pulp instead.As I used sweetened pulp I did not add any sugar to it.Rest I followed the recipe as is and was very yummy.Thank you Krishnaveni for sharing this perfect summer time recipe with us.

Coming to the 3rd recipe I tried ,there is a small story behind making this chaat.Sabudana Kichadi bangaya Sabudana Chaat.

I was planning to make sabudana kichadi for dinner last night.I soaked the sabudana and after 40minutes of soaking it , I observed that the sago was becoming powdery.So I touched the pearls and felt that they were already soaked and are breaking down.I immediately started making the kichadi but was doubtful about the outcome of it.Once I added the sago to the pan of seasoning the tapioca started breaking and became soggy.The kichadi was all mushy.I did not want to use it for dinner and instead let it cool down and thought of adding yogurt to it and make it like sabudana raita.I tried this with a cup of kichadi and added yogurt to it.It tasted very delicious but my kids did not approve of it.So I started googling for some interesting ways to use this mushy kichadi.

While googling I came across this interesting recipe from Nisha's Kitchen---it was Sabudana Aloo Tikki Chaat.She saved my kichadi.......I mean her innovative recipe helped my kichadi to become a tikki.She used leftover kichadi and I used the fresh kichadi.

I followed the recipe as is except for small changes----------

For making the kichadi , I used 4 cups sago , 2 boiled potatoes ,few cashews instead of crushed peanut , cumin , curry leaves , cilantro, 3chillies cut fine,salt and 3 tbsps of oil.

For making tikkis , following Nisha's recipe I added 2 more boiled potatoes to the above kichadi and added a teaspoon of paprika,salt to taste and 1/4 cup of kasoori methi and mixed all of them togehter and made small patties and placed them on the hot tava and cooked on both the sides till they are golden on both the sides.(I just coated the pan with 1teaspoon of oil before placing the tikkis on the pan,did not use anymore oil for frying them).

Additionally to make this chaat I followed the recipe for the yogurt dressing as Nisha mentioned in her post and served the sabudana tikkis with this delicious yogurt dressing.

Thank you Nisha for sharing this delicious Sabudana Aloo Chaat with Yogurt Dressing.You saved me from  recipe disaster :-) .

Note :
1) I did not use any oil to pan fry the tikkis.

2) Along with the yogurt dressing we enjoyed these tikkis with chaat masala and sweet chutney too.

I am sending this to CWS:Sago Seeds Event hosted by Niloufer and started by Priya.

I am sending this to Think Spice:Think Fenugreek Event hosted by PriyaMitharwal started by Sunita.

Dear visitors of SUMADHURA visit these wonderful bloggers for these recipes and many more delicious recipes that they share in their blogs.Will be back with more tried and tasted recipes next Tuesday.


  1. Dishes looks really yummy. Nice ones

  2. Hope you feel better soon Kiran! You are a real fighter, posting so many mouth watering recipes inspite of feeling under the weather. Lots of motrin/ advil with massage from your beloved should mkae u feel better soon.

  3. How is your shoulder pain. I know sprained neck is difficult one, forgot ask you in earlier . Hope you are feeling okay.

  4. Dear Priya(Elaichi) and Swathi,

    Thank you very much for your concern.I am getting better now but still it is on and off.Sure advil and massages are helping.

  5. Hope you feel better soon Kiran!Dishes looks really yummy. Nice ones

  6. kiran hope now u r fine .. take care da..
    All the dishes looks really delicious

  7. How r u dng now kiran .Its really very painful.We cant work i think u should have to take rest kiran.Get well soon dear.Love all the three recipes.

  8. Hi Kiran, I hope u are feeling better dear, with a sprained neck you managed so many goodies, keep it up girl.

  9. wow...delicious and yummy recipes, you tried my barley mango pudding? and came out very well , thanks and so sweet of you Kiran

  10. Wonderful presentation Kiran. An Award is waiting for you in my blog. Please collect it.

  11. Hope you feel better soon Dear..all the recipes looks yum..take rest Kiran..

  12. Wonderful tried recipes. I love the sabudana tikki/khichdi recipe. I may try it soon :)

  13. Hi Kiran,

    First time visiting yours and you have a great blog...

    Really yummy recipes...

    When you find time do visit my blog and I would like to invite you to participate in the events CID-2010 and DNSW: A by sending your special recipes.


  14. loved ur healthy sago vadas..and other dishes too...yum...hey darling neck sprain is very mad...tk care hot water bag and massages help a lot...get well soon...tc dear

  15. Thanks Kiran , i really appreciate you trying my tikki recipe. I'm glad you and your family liked it.


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