Monday, May 31, 2010

Barley Jaava/Barley Kanji

As the summer sun starts to show it's intensity it is necessary for us to take foods that can keep our body cool and help us to beat the heat of the sun.One such healthy and traditional drink is Barley Jaava or Barley Kanji.Every summer my mother used to make this kanji almost everyday in our house.Barley has a very cooling effect on the body and help us from dehydrating and keeps the body cool .We used to like taking it with buttermilk which is again a nice coolant.

This recipe goes to CWF-WG:Barely Event hosted by me.

Let us see how this simple Barley recipe is made--------------

Main Ingredients :

Seasoning Ingredients :
----------------------------- taste

Preparation :
Rinse the barley and pressure cook it with water for 3 whistles.

Once the pressure settlees down remove the lid and cool the barley water.

Once the barley water is cooled pour the cooked barley and water into a blender and blend well.So that the barley pearls are nicely broken.Now add butter milk and blend one more time.

Now add some salt to the barley jaava/kanji and pour it into the serving glasses and serve.

This is a very good remedy to beat the heat and as well a very healthy food for anytime of the day.

Note :
If you like you can add few drops of lemon juice to this kanji and enjoy it.

I am sending this to Home Remedies III Event hosted by Jagruti and started by Sadhana & Muskaan

I am sending this to ThandaMela event hosted by Srivalli.


  1. Kiran adding buttermilk to coonji is really new to me....but sounds good.
    Thks for sharing.

  2. How very healthy!..never tried with barley..

  3. Barley kanji looks really good Kiran, Nice one.

  4. very healthy!..never tried with barley..nice click.Thanks for sharing dear.....

  5. Kiran, this looks great !!! and what a chilling drink for this summer.

  6. Very healthy. It's been a while I've tasted it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such a healthy kanji, awesome Kiran..

  8. Hmm,,nice healthy kanji i like barley kanji my amma sometimes make this for us.

  9. Very healthy and useful post Kiran..I'm gonna pass this recipe to my family in India..specially for my dad...he is having really hard time in the heat..thanks for the entry...

  10. Thank you Chetana for visiting my blog and for your nice words.Keep visiting.Do try this version.

  11. Thank you Srivalli for visiting and for your nice words.Do try this you will love it.Keep visiting.

  12. Dear Swathi,Divya,PriyaM,Shriya,Sowmya,Priya,Rachana,Sathya and Jagruti thank you all for your nice words.

  13. Hey I have just got Barley and I am so happy to see this here!

  14. In Tamil Nadu also this is famous Kiran. I will try this out soon. Looks nice in a tall glass :)

  15. Thank you for the lovely entry

  16. The Barley drink looks wonderful.

  17. Thanks for the recipe on the rarely used barley- i have heard that it has to be roasted and powdered before cooking it / soaked overnight - will it get nicely cooked without all these prelims?


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