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Quinoa Idli-A Very Healthy Steamed Cake/Quinoa Uthappam

I have been using Quinoa for few years now in my kitchen in making traditional Indian dishes.You can find my other recipes with Quinoa here , here and here.Today I am posting the recipe for Quinoa Idli that I made recently.This is again one of my experiments with Quinoa and turned out great.I have many more Quinoa recipe to share with you soon.For now enjoy this yummy and healthy Idli.

I did not want the flavor of Quinoa to be dominated by the Urad or Rice so I added all of them in equal quantities and made the idli.It's a super hit and got a green signal for permanent residency in our menu

This is how I made it-----------------------

Main Ingredients :
Urad Daal............................1cup
Brown Rice..........................1cup(Whole High Fibre Short Grain Brown Rice)

Seasoning Ingredients :
------------------------- taste
Oil.....................................for greasing the idli moulds

Preparation :
Rinse and soak urad daal , quinoa and brown rice over-night (6 to 8 hrs) in separate bowls.

Next day morning you will see that the urad and rice are well soaked and the quinoa is well soaked and sprouted too.(Could not capture the sprouts clearly).
First grind the urad to a batter nice and smooth using less water and pour it into a bowl.
Later grind brown rice to a smooth batter using less water as well.Now add the brown rice batter to the urad batter and mix well.
Now grind the quinoa to a smooth batter using less water as well and pour it into urad-rice batter ,add salt and mix well.
Place the bowl of batter in the oven with the light on and let it ferment for 6 to 8 hours.You can see in the pictures how well the batter is fermented .

Once the batter is fermented take it out mix well and check for salt and adjust salt accordingly.

Now take a pan/idli cooker/pressure cooker ( in which the idli stand can fit ) and place it on the stove on medium- high heat and pour 2 glasses of water.While the water in the pan or cooker is heating  up grease the idli moulds with oil and spoon the batter into the moulds.Do not overfill.

Place the idli stand in the pan/cooker and cook it covered for 15 to 20 minutes and then switch off the stove.
(If using pressure cooker do not put the cooker whistle).

Wait for the steam to settle down and take the idli stand out and remove the quinoa idlis into a bowl or hot pack.

Serve the yummy and healthy Quinoa Idlies with Chutney , Sambhar or Chutney Powder of your choice.

Along with the idlis I made small pancakes or utappams with this batter and I should say they really came out so nice and spongy like the western pancakes.

We had the Quinoa Idlies and Quinoa Utappam with Dalia-Coconut chutney and CurryLeaves-Lentil Powder.

Try these wonderful idlies and let me know how you like them.

Note :
1) After fermentation if you taste the batter it feels bitter because of the natural bitterness in the Quinoa but once you make the idlis or utappams you will not feel the bitterness in it as Quinoa tends to loose the bitterness after it's cooked.
2) As this was the first time I made idly with Quinoa I did not add too many ingredients to it as I like to enjoy the original flavors at first.Now that I know how it tastes I will try adding veggies to this batter next time and make vegetable idlies.

This goes to CWF-WG : Quinoa Event hosted by Priya Mitharwal .


  1. THey look great sumadhura...

  2. Omg, wat a healthy idli, beautiful dish to try anytime..

  3. kiran
    wow really healthy one yarr..the idli looks so the platter..the way u presented is awesome..good one

  4. Kiran,

    I need to try some thing quinoa, i liked your idli it healthy by its own adding quinoa makes them double bonus.

  5. Wow................ very healthy and delicious...kiran..nice click.

  6. This is a super duber healthy the idea of adding quinoa and brown rice and making these idlis very healthy...they look soft to :)

  7. I've been seeing a lot quinoa recipes in blogs now-a-days. It's time to try quinoa.. Yours looks very creative and interesting recipe.

  8. no words dalring..just love the quinoa idlis...they look perfect

  9. Wow, another wonderful way to cook quinoa. Lovely idea Kiran

  10. very healthy idly..awesome click..

  11. That's healthy and perfect, thanks for sharing the great recipe dear...

  12. Healthy variation of idli here, haven't come across quinoa in India..

  13. This is a very healthy treat! I would love to serve this to my mother! Thanks for sharing this very nice recipe.

  14. What a healthy and delicious idly recipe!

  15. Woooow Innovative idea dear n also very healthy way of eating idli with quinoa...simply superb..

  16. Idli recipe chala bavundi...Step by step mannerlo chala neat ga present chesaru.
    Will be visiting often.
    Drop in sometime

  17. Awesome! My husband loves Andhra dishes and I am so happy to have found your bog.

  18. Helathy idlies, turned out too good, perfect:)

  19. Interesting recipe and lovely happy to follow you dear

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  21. Nice and healthy Idly .Sure to try this healthy idly, Kiran

  22. That's a great idea. A very nutritious and healthy platter to serve. :)

  23. Hi Kiran - I tried ur quinoa idlis, turned out great. I was so happy that I was able to make idlis from scratch with this batter, as I have had several failed attemps in the past. Thanks.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes, they are really appreciated :)

  25. Quinoa idly is super hit receipe in my kitchen....since I saw your receipe....
    Weekly once is the idly nowadays....and is sooooo yummmmyyy with the sambar....
    Thank you for the receipe

  26. Quinoa idly is super hit in my kitchen......


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