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Pom-Agave Whole Wheat Cake(Healthy,Eggless and Low-Fat or No-Fat)

Yesterday I made this cake as my daughter was asking me for a cake since afternoon.She loves cakes and balloons .She would come and ask me every few minutes if I am making a cake.So finally I had to think and come up with an instant cake recipe with whatever I had in the house.I generally don't keep all-purpose/maida flour in the house.You can see that the cake recipes I make are with the regular whole wheat flour we use for making rotis or chapatis.Well , we and our neighbours liked this cake so hope you will like it too.

Again this is almost a healthy cake.I say almost because I used little condensed milk which has more sugars but still I used only 1/4th cup of it.Whole wheat , pomegranate juice, lowfat milk and agave nectar are healthy ingredients .I did not use any oil or butter.All in all I can call this a healthy cake. 

These days I am using my Toaster-Oven for most of the baking instead of the big oven as I use the main oven mostly for storage (as space is a problem and I have few cabinets in the kitchen),so it's hard to take out the stuff every time I need to bake.

As I made this cake as an experiment I could not take pictures of the ingredients in the starting . Let's start making this mini flat cake-------------

Dry  Ingredients :
Whole Wheat Flour/Atta..............1cup
Baking Soda................................pinch
Baking Powder............................pinch

Wet Ingredients :
 Pom Juice...................................1/4cup
Agave Nectar..............................1/4cup
Condensed milk...........................1/4cup
Organic Super Fruit Spread..........1tbsp

Toppings :
Chocolate Chips.................few for topping

Preparation :
Preheat the toaster oven at  375 F.While it is pre-heating take wheat flour,baking powder and baking soda in a bowl and mix them well.Now add all the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and whisk the batter with a hand mixer so that the batter is nice and smooth.

I made the cake in the tray that comes with the toaster oven.I applied 1tsp of oil to the tray and poured the batter into it and spread it evenly and topped it with few chocolate chips and placed the tray in the oven.

After 15 minutes I checked the cake and it was slowly rising and baking.

After another 20 more minutes I checked the cake with a tooth-pick and the tooth-pick came out clean.

I turned off the toaster-oven and took the cake tray out and let it cool.

You can see the back and front side of the cake.This cake is nice and moist and is glossy on the top.

Later cut it into pieces and serve as is or with icecream.This cake looked like brownies after I cut them into pieces.

Note :
1) It took 35minutes for the entire cake to bake.Each toaster oven is different so keep checking in between so that the cake does not burn.

2) As I use whole wheat flour the cake itself looks like a chocolate cake.

3) For us the cake was sweeter(as we eat very less sweet or no sweet,next time I will skip condensed milk and use milk in its place too) other wise the cake is just right for a person who can enjoy normal sweetness.For someone who has cravings for sweet they may add more agave or condensed milk.

4) The organic super-fruit spread I used is from Trader Joe's.It is very low in sugar and is made of grapes,cherries and berries. 

5) Overall this cake is just perfect and will surely make it again.

I am sending this recipe to CFK-WWF Event hosted by Priya Mitharwal and started by Sharmi .


  1. Love the look of it. You took so many pictures, why do you say you didn;t :)

    Great job and I am sure your daughter loved it :)

  2. Hy Kiran,
    Your cake sounds amazing...the way you prepared and presented is fascinating...pass me some.

  3. The cake came out good never tried with pom.Will try soon.

  4. Hi Kiran new to your page but love being here. just drooled at the picture of choco cake. looks so yummy and am sure your daughter must have finished it in no time. lovely place dear. keep it up.

  5. Thank you Jay,PriyM,Vineela and Sayantani.

  6. Kiran,

    Whole wheat cake looks really awesome. without egg, butter or oil that makes good.

  7. Your cake sounds amazing...the way you prepared and presented is fascinating...

  8. The Cake looks so delicious and am sure your daughter must have loved it:) Please pass on a slice to me as well:)

  9. hopped in here from Yasmeen's blog......
    Good recipe and i love whole wheat to be used in baking cakes....n yes it gives a nice brown color .....
    your cake looks lovely.

  10. Thank you Swathi,Rachana,Divya and Sanggetha.

  11. Nice one Kiran. Thanks for the entry. I got the email too.

  12. Fantastic healthy cake.Looks very nice.

  13. cake looks so delicious n healthy...nice treat for the little ones...

  14. Thank you Champa,Simply.Food and SumanSingh.

  15. Woww wat an interesting and gorgeous cake, looks truly fabulous..

  16. Whole wheat cake looks yummy and amazing..

  17. Lovely cake da..hope ur daughter really enjoyed having this delicious cake..nice presentation and very well explained..good job yarr

  18. Very healthy and delicious looking cake dear....must have been very flavorful and yum :)


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