Thursday, May 20, 2010

Announcement : Tasty and Healthy Juices on Thursdays with Two Healthy Juices

To all my readers I would like to let you know that from today every Thursday I will post healthy and tasty juices that I make for my family . Today I am posting 2 healthy and tasty juice recipes.

We have been thinking of buying a juicer for many years but limited counter space always bothered me .Well the space is never going to get bigger in the kitchen , finally we bought it and we have been enjoying healthy juices for sometime now.For kids its fun to make juice of their favorite fruits and they are enjoying healthy and fresh fruit juices.

Juicers are surely a very nice and useful equipment for the kitchen.We can make fresh,healthy and sugar-free juices and don't have to worry about the sugars and preservatives in the juices.Not only the fruits,we can juice the vegetables too and make healthy juices that kids and the entire family can enjoy.Not an exaggeration but I mentioned earlier too that we rarely drink store bought juices in my house and so we are stuck to eating only certain fruits .Now we are enjoying wide variety of juices with combination of vegetables and fruits.The best part is kids can choose what goes in the juicer and make their own flavorful juices.When they make it gives them more satisfaction and they enjoy every sip of their juice.

 But first let me make it clear that I am not posting these juices as a promotion to any juicer. Everyone is different--- a food that is good for one person may not be right for others so I request you to check your allergies or any other concerns you have with these fruits and vegetable juices that I post here before you make or try them at home.I am making these juices from the recipe booklet provided by the juicer company and some are my own creations.I am just posting the juices we are trying and tasting at home.Enjoy and try these wonderful juices at your own risk.

Now coming to today's recipes . Today I am posting 2 healthy juices with the combination of vegetables and fruits.

Juice Recipe 1 :

This juice has the following ingredients ---------------------

Water Melon............1/2 of medium sized watermelon
Ginger......................1inch piece
Lemon Juice.............1tsp

First rinse all the fruits nicely under cold water.If using a juicer to juice these above ingredients peel the oranges and remove the hard skin of the watermelon and cut it into the size that they can fit into the juicer mouth.Juice the watermelon followed by carrots followed by oranges followed by Zucchini and finally ginger.
Add a little lemon juice to the squeezed juice ,mix well and serve it immediately.

The above quantity yielded 4 large glasses of juice.The color of this juice was red.

Note :
1) Always juice a soft fruit followed by a hard fruit so that you can get more juice out your ingredients.

Juice Recipe 2 :

This is another healthy juice that I made.This recipe I followed from the juicer booklet . I used all the ingredients mentioned in it except for the cantaloupe .The recipe did not ask for ginger but I added ginger in it.

This juice is a blend of the following ingredients-----------------

Grape Fruits.......................2

Put the carrots in the juicer followed by grapefruit followed by pears followed by apples and finally ginger.Pass all thes ingredients through the juicer in the order mentioned and finally you have a healthy  juice mix it well ans serve immediately .

This yielded 4 large glasses of juice.The color of the juice was light orange.

Note :
1) It is always good to make the fresh juice when you are ready to consume them immediately.


  1. Wowww kiran wat a yummy juice.Lovely colour.Very very healthy.

  2. kiran good idea .juices are always healthya nd good choice for diet too..the two juices looks so refreshing.
    so colorful

  3. Wow good idea dear.The juices looks awesome but u add zucchini i dont know how it tastes kiran.

  4. Kiran, a wonderful idea. And what lovely juices. I love how you have mixed fruit and veggies, I mean just 2 glasses of those juices should be like full servings of your veggies and fruits. Amazing thought. I always wanted to buy a juicer, but bit skeptical. You are now inspiring me. I like your point that kids would love to extract their own juices and consume them proudly. Hmm... I am thinking now :)

  5. Kiran,

    Always homemade juice taste better and has no overload of sugar. Both juices looks really yummy.

  6. Kiran, that's a noble idea of making juices for the family and both juices look so good. I love making the juices but hate cleaning the juicer after that, lazy me.LOL

  7. Hi Kiran,
    New to ur space...liked ur idea of juices..soo healthy and fresh.
    Will be bk,

  8. Kiran,, nice idea dear both the juices are good for health i never thought to try the juice with zuchchini dear wooow great one.

  9. hey juice looks so refreshing da...
    I am a ginger fan and I am sure I love this ..

  10. Superb Kiran! Simply loved both the juices...attractive! ;)

  11. Both juices looks super catchy, healthy at the same time it..

  12. looks delicious..feel like having one...and very nicely presented too.

  13. Hey Kiran,

    This is a great idea. I love juices and can have them any time :) Both the recipes here sounds interesting.

    Have a nice weekend.

  14. lovely idea dear, lookinf forward for delicious recipes

  15. Thank you Prema,Prani,PriyaM,Swathi,Pari,Chetana,Sathya,PavithraS,Love2Cook,Somoo,Priya and Divya for enjoying these recipes and for your nice words.

  16. Homemade juices are always the best...fresh and healthy...I like both the 2 combination of juices Kiran...nice color too :)

  17. WOW!!!!!!!!
    Nice healthy refreshing drinks dear..

  18. Thank u very much And stopping by at my blog and for the reply.Will try the juice.

  19. Wow Kiran,
    wonderful concept...a lovely feast for eyes...

  20. It looks very refreshing and inviting. Healthy too.

  21. This is my first time here, I love the fact that you have planned your posts so well.

    Your mango coconut jello looks and sounds very delicious, plan to make it soon.

  22. Juices sounds awesome and healthy with all those veggies and fruits..thanks for sharing and looking forward for all your other juices..

  23. This looks great. Can i have a glass of this please????

  24. I like the combination of the juice. My son doesn't like to eat vegetables so your idea of combining it with fruits is good.

  25. Dear Gita,Aruna,Jay,Jyoti,Aquadaze,NithuBala,MD and Melissa thank you for your lovely words.

  26. juices are always healthya nd good choice for diet too..the two juices looks so refreshing.


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