Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tried and Tasted on Tuesdays(3T's) : May 25 2010

Hello everyone  it's Tuesday and here are the Tried and Tasted  dishes of the day.I thoroughly enjoyed making them and at the same time me and my family Tried and Tasted these delicious recipes from our blogger friends and these recipes get Two Thumbs Up.

1) Carrot Rice from Nithu's Kitchen by Nithu Bala.

I followed the recipe as is in the original recipe and this carrot rice tasted very delicious.Thank you Nithu Bala for this delicious rice.

Swathi gave two versions of this chutney and I followed the milder version.This onion chutney tasted very yummy.Thank you Swathi for sharing this delicious recipe.

3) Paneer Bhurji from Creative Saga by Sowmya.

Sowmya posted this recipe today on her blog and I really got tempted with the look of it and tried it immediately as is.Thank you Sowmya for this simple and delicious recipe.

These are the recipes that I tried and tasted and will soon try some from your blogs too.Till then enjoy these recipes and visit their blogs for more delicious and tasty recipes.


  1. wow..that was so quick..glad you liked it...

  2. all the dishes looks yummy..simply love..good going..

  3. Yummy dishes...super.well done yar!u r rocking...

  4. Kiran,

    Glad you liked my chutney. Thanks for trying it. All other dishes looks really yummy.

  5. Hello Kiran, all the dishes turns out delicious and beautiful click too..

  6. Tats lovely Kiran...ur family for sure had a yummy treat.

  7. Kiran, simply yummy recipes and wonderful recreations. Good going :)

  8. Nice recipes dear, hmm sure u n ur family enjoyed this yummy food recipes.

  9. Beautiful and yummy recipes..awesome Kiran..

  10. Hello Kiran, all the dishes turns out delicious and beautiful click too..

  11. This is really cool! You have recreated all the dishes so nicely, Kiran :)

  12. Thank you Sowmya,Sanyukta,Prema,Swathi,Treat & Trick,Chetana,PriyaM,Sathya,Priya,
    Divya and Rachana for your nice words.

    Chetana I understand this is your first visit here.Thank you for visiting ,do come back.


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