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Guthivankaya Kura/Stuffed Eggplant with Minapappukaram

This draft has been waiting to be posted for a long time now and finally it is published.For me, till I came to USA this is the only method of stuffed eggplant that I knew and ate for many years.This is a dry version of stuffed eggplant.Only after coming here for the first time I had the gravy version or masala version of eggplant.I like both the ways of making it but my favorite version is eggplant with spiced lentil powder.Try it and you will love it too.

Generally, in traditional way when this curry is made it needs more oil to cook the stuffed eggplant.But today I am going to share with you a very healthier way of making it without comprimising with it's taste.

Let us see how it is made-----------
Main Ingredients :
Tender Eggplants........................2 lbs(or 10 small)
Canola Oil..................................2 tbsp

Seasoning Ingredients :
Minapappukaram/Spiced Lentil Powder................just enough for stuffing the eggplants(you can get the recipe for this powder here)

Preparation :
Take small tender eggplants and nicely wash them.Now slit them in such a way that you make a slit half way and turn it to the other side and slit it half way in the opposite direction.Make sure you don't cut the eggplant completely.

Now take the spiced lentil powder/minapappukaram and stuff it into one side of the eggplant,turn it to the other side and stuff it with the powder.

In the above way cut and stuff all the eggplants and place them in a dish that can be kept in the pressure cooker.
Cover the dish with a plate.Do not add any water to the vegetables.

Place the dish in the pressure cooker and cook for 3 whistles(do add water to the pressure cooker) and switch off the stove.Once the pressure is off take the dish of stuffed eggplants out.

Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat and add 2tbsp of oil and once it is very hot add these pressure cooked eggplants to the oil and cook.

While frying them make sure not to break open the eggplants.Fry them for 10 minutes and switch off the stove.

This very yummy Gutti-Vankaya Kura stuffed with Spiced Lentil Powder goes well with hot rice,rotis,chapatis and parathas.

Try it and you would love to make it again.

Note :
1) As we already add salt to the spiced lentil powder I did not add any to the eggplants again,but if you think salt needs to be adjusted please go ahead and add some.

2) A very healthy way of having stuffed eggplant or guthivankaya kura.

Example : I made this curry few days back when we had friends come over for dinner.My friend mentioned that she likes to eat the eggplant curry only the way she makes at home.Then I told her it's okay but if she likes she may try it.Then she said she would like to try a small piece and had it,she liked it so much that she had the whole eggplant.She said that this is a new variation and loved it.Well they liked this curry so much that I packed some to go.


  1. Thats a tempting stuffed eggplants, feel like having some...yumm!!

  2. Nice presentation of a Calssic Andhra dish.
    Manchi paata pettaru. :)

  3. Wow curry looks great and colorful...kiran cool click too..

  4. kiran,

    Guttivankya looks really delicious and yummy.

    Thanks for the support you give me towards plagiarism.

  5. kiran..what a delicious stuffed wggplant..vwry well explained..liked it .

  6. eggplant recipe luks perfect and delicious!nice presentation too.

  7. Kiran, brinjal looks well cooked makes me droooling dear perfect gravy taste good with hot rice.btw thanks for concerning my request for paruppu podi dear.

  8. I smell the flavor and spiciness. Looks soooo yummyyyy. wow it goes very well with the curd rice.

  9. Great eggplant dish Kiran...looks too delicious :)

  10. I love eggplants so much! Looks like a delicious recipe!

  11. wow looks yummy and delicious..

  12. Stuffing sounds very yummy, the dish looks very spicy and tasty, must a try for me!

  13. I rarely eat eggplant. Not a fan of it. But the way U cooked it make me crave for it now! ;)

  14. Oh boy, same pinch, I posted stuffed brinjals too:) Love ur version, its nice to see small eggpalnts...very authentic recipe.

  15. oh wow!! that looks awesome...yummy yumm

  16. Wow that looks so spicy and temptin curry.

  17. Dear Priya,SumaG,Divya,Swathi,PriyaM,Prani,Prema,Niloufer,Sathya,Nithu,Gita,Morgan,Anu,Parita,Love2Cook,Malar,Sarah and Jyothi.Thank you all for your wonderful words.

  18. Thank you Nithu,Parita and Morgan for visiting my blog and for your nice words.Keep visiting for more wonderful and healthy recipes.

  19. Love this Andra preparation, yumm!!


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