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Celebrating Mother's Day with Mango-Coconut Jello

To All Mom's and Daughter's and Visitors Of Sumadhura

WishYou All A Very Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Dear MOM

Not only on this Mother's Day but every day I call my MOM and talk to her atleast for an hour.Living thousands of miles away this is the least I could do for her.
What I am today is all my mom's blessings and I have not enough words to thank her.My blog itself is a dedication to my MOM .Anything I mention about her will still be less and there will be a lot more good to talk about her.This is just a small thank you to her.I wish I could atleast be a half of what she is.Nothing in this world can be compared to a Mother's love to her child not even a Kohinoor Jewel.

I would like to call my Mom as the Super-Woman in my life .I had never seen a human-being with so much patience,courage,knowledge,helping nature,will-power,active and with a nature never to give-up until you are successful.My mother had to face lots of ups and downs in her life with my father's ill-health and at the same time had to take care of us.

She took care of my Dad and us children very nicely in such a way that even though my father had serious health issues he completed 33yrs of his service(as Civil Engineer) successfully and me and my brother have become successful individuals without any breaks in our education and life.She along with taking care of us did her Bachelor's Degree(B.A) and later on pursued her Bachelors in Education(B.Ed) and successfully ran a school of her own for few years.Later on she had to give up the school to take care of my Dad and moved to Hyderabad from Rajahmundry.

Even while taking care of the family she always wanted to help people outside the family too.After moving to Hyderabad she started working in school for Mentally-Handicapped Children(this shows her patience and helping nature),for a long time but had to stop later because she had problems with her health.If any person is in need of help she will be always there,no matter even if they are people who created problems to her.Well if I have to keep telling about this Super Woman(My MOM),I can go on for-ever.

Mother's Day with My Kids

Today my kids made me feel very special too with their hugs and wishes.They made beautiful cards at school and brought them home.This year my daughter made her 1st Mother's Day card for me and she was so eager to show it to me----It was a lovely card with beautiful flowers and my son made a lovely card with------drawing of a tea-cup and a real tea-bag.

Mother's Day with Friends

Last night we celebrated  Mother's Day with friends.We had take-out from chinese and enjoyed the dinner with friends and cut a cake.
Today for lunch we had get-together with few more friends cut another cake and enjoyed a potluck lunch.
All in all I had a wonderful time this Mother's Day.

Mango-Coconut Jello

Coming to today's recipe I made a Mango-Coconut Jello for celebrating this special day.I adapted this recipe from here  and made a few changes of my own to the recipe----------------

Main Ingredients :
Mango Pulp............................1can(from Indian Groceries)
Coconut Milk..........................400ml(lowfat)
Agave Nectar..........................3tbsp
Agar-Agar Powder..................25gm

Garnish :
Cherries.............................for garnish
Chocolate Chips.................for garnish

Preparation :
First heat 1cup of water and coconut milk with 2tbsp of agave nectar.Once the contents heat up add half of the agar-agar powder to the hot contents and atir well tilll the powder blends in.Switch off the stove and pour the coconut mixture in the glass bowl.

While the coconut mix is cooling down in the pan and the agar agar is helping it to solidify,pour 1 can of mango pulp and 1 glass of water into the vessel and add 1tbsp of agave nectar and heat the contents.

Once they heat up add rest of the agar agar powder to the liquid contents and stir well till the powder dissolves.Now switch off the stove and let it cool down a bit.

Now the coconut-agar-agar mix in the pan is a little solidified.Now pour the cooled mango-agar-agar mixture on top of the coconut mix in the pan.After pouring I just spread the liquid with a spoon to get the marble effect of coconut and mango.Place the pan in the refrigerator for 4 to 5hours.

After 5hours you can see that a nice jello is formed and is ready to be served as is or can be garnished.As today is mother's day I decorated it with cherries and chocolate chips.

Note :
1) I had to take the jello to a get-together and did not let it refrigerate for 4hours so it was little shaky and runny.To cut it into a piece you need to let it rest enough time.

2)You can use unflavored-gelatin powder instead of agar-agar powder.

         Wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Happy Mothers Day! cake looks so good

  2. Hi dear Kiran, Happy Mother's Day to U ya...;)

    So touched reading about Ur Mom. She's indeed a SuperMom! Regards to her...

    Those are lovely kids by Ur kids...

  3. kiran what a delicious jello
    Lovely snaps..
    Happy Mother's day dear.
    loely cards treat from ur kids..enjoy

  4. Awwwwwwwww !!! Those cards are sooooooooooo cute :) and lovely jello. How creative in writing happy mother's day in there.

    A Very happy mother's day to you .

  5. Kiran.

    Your mom is really good hearted person. I know every mom's does. Nice coconut mango jelly.

  6. Wat a beautiful post, loved ur write up...Beautiful jello kiran..Happy mother's day to u dear???

  7. hey cake looks soo fabulous dear..happy mother's day

  8. Lovely gifts from ur Kids :-)
    Happy Mother's Day..
    Jelly looks awesome dear...

  9. Your mom is indeed a superwoman:) Happy mothers day.

  10. Thank you Ann,Love2Cook,Malar,Prani,Rumana,PriyaM,Somoo,Swathi,Priya,Suma,Aruna,Rachana.

  11. Happy Mother's Day dear...jello looks so colorful and it :)

  12. WOW...that's looks lovely...nice pic!

  13. Wat a beautiful post, loved ur write up...Beautiful jello kiran..Happy mother's day to u dear???

  14. Happy Mother's Day Kiran. Isn't it amazing the things mom's do for us. They are super hero's in our lives.
    Liked all the art work from your children. The mango jello looks cute. I have not used agar-agar in any preparations. Will get some to make jello for my daughter.

  15. Happy Mother's day, Kirangaru.
    No one can replace a mother and your mother seems such a wonderful person.
    Love those cute cards and your jello.
    BTW, do you have any Rayalaseema connection? Just wondering because of your last name. :)

  16. Really your mom is a super woman and nice jello too

  17. Hey hi nice blog yaar...first time to visit ur blog and i loved it....following you...happy mothers day to u too.... nice cake too....

  18. Happy Mother's day !!! Seriously yummy cake. Lovely detailed cake recipe. It looks very inviting and delicious.

  19. Beautiful way to celebrate mothers.. day. the dessert look absolutely delicious...


  20. Heyy very elegant dessert for Mother's day superb dear looks soo inviting n pleasant one..

  21. Nice write up Kiran. It's touching and very much from the heart. Loved ur mnago jello too, nice recipe to be dedicated on mother's day.

  22. Yum..jello looks delicious..and I love the way you've taken step by step pics:)

  23. Looks yummy mango jello..Beautiful write up.

  24. Thank you Gita,SS,Suman,Divya,Srimathi,SumaG,
    UmmMymoonah,Gayatri,Shriya,Pavithra,Satya,MD,Divya and Jyoti for all your lovely words.


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