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Cauliflower Pickle/Avakaya

Yesterday and today the temperatures in east-coast are in high 80's.This weather has reminded me of the Summer days in India and how busy it used to be during this time of the year.When we were little during the month of May we  would visit my maternal grandparent's place for summer vacation.This whole month would be very busy at my granparents house as my grandmother would be getting things ready for making different pickles with "Mango".

It used to be like a festive season .........Making pickles was considered as a very sacred job as these pickles were made with great care so that they lasted for an year or more.My grandfather used to buy the best red chillies and mangoes that are just right for making the pickles from the neighbouring villages.My uncle used to get the best turmeric , mustard seeds and sesame oil for the pickles.My grandmother and other relatives and friends used to gather at our house and prep the mangoes for different pickles to be made.They used to pound the mustards in the big mortar and pestle to make the mustard powder,in the same way they would sun dry the chillies and pound them to nice chilly powder.

For making Avakaya the mangoes were cut into big pieces with peel on using a special mango cutter.For making an other pickle called Maagaya we would all (even children got to help) sit and peel the skin off the mangoes using a device called Aalchippalu(these are big oyster shells used to peel the mango skin).It used to be lot of fun.Nowadays making pickles is a very easy process.All the powders are available in the stores and all we got to do is just mix them together,but I would say that it never tastes the same like what our grandmother's made.

This temperatures have tempted  me to make a pickle and my DH has volunteered to help me.Instead of making mango pickle today I am making a simple and easy Cauliflower Avakaya/pickle that I learnt from my mother.I make cauliflower pickle in 2 methods-----Today I am presenting avakaya(mustard powder) version.

Main Ingredients :

Seasoning Ingredients :
Mustard Powder......................1/4cup
Paprika Powder.......................1/4cup
Fenugreek Seeds.....................1/2tsp
Canola/Sesame Oil...................3tbsp
Garlic.......................................few cloves
Lemon Juice.............................1/4cup
Salt..........................................1tbsp(or as needed)

Preparation :
Cut the cauliflower into small florets wash them and towel dry them.

Place the florets in a bowl and add mustard powder to the florets.

Now add the paprika to the florets.

Now add the salt to the florets.

Mix the florets and all the ingredients in the bowl together.Now add the fenugreek/methi seeds to the bowl.

Now add the garlic cloves(cut them if they are big) to the bowl .

Now add the oil to the bowl and mix all the ingredients in the bowl togehter.

Finally add the lemon juice to the cauliflower and incorporate all the ingredients together.

Yummy Cauliflower Avakaya/Pickle is ready.

Note :
1) Let the mixture rest for 2days in the bowl ,you will observe that the pickle tends to release some liquid once the salt and lemon juice blend into the veggies.After 2 days adjust salt and lemon juice if needed and transfer the pickle into bottles and store them in the fridge.

2) This pickle goes well with rotis,as a side to daals and very tasty with yogurt rice.

3) I never store mango pickle in the fridge,but I do store Cauliflower Pickle in the fridge as there are more chances of it to spoil if kept out for more than 5days.In the fridge it lasts for 2 months.

I am sending this to Mother's Day event hosted by Jyoti .


  1. Hey Kiran, I see that you have changes your template...looks nice:) And, a great pickle for the May summer days!

  2. Never heard or tasted cauliflower pickle..thanks for sharing this lovely recipe..

  3. pickle color looks sooo tempting.thanks for sharing this lovely recipe.

  4. Wow cauliflower pickle.Actually i dont know how to prepare this pickle.Thanx for sharing with us.

  5. Cauliflower pickle creates watery mouth. this is soo brilliant...Wonderfully presented dear.

  6. Thank you Divya,Vineela and Jay.

  7. Kiram, the pickle simply looks tempting. I love these kind of not just mango pickles. I just made a pickle today, so will be posting that soon :)

  8. Hello kiran, pickle looks great, must be very tasty...

  9. Hey Kiran... New to your space.

    I must say you put in a lot of efforts to take step wise pictures. Keep up the good work!

  10. Kiran,

    Cauliflower pickle looks really yummy. I too posted a pickle recipe.

  11. Hey have never tasted cauliflower pickle before.. sounds interesting!!

  12. Sounds new to me dear!!!
    Thx. for sharing :-)

  13. Send me some, am drooling rite now here..

  14. Love pickles and I am seeing pickles everywhere! Nice step by step procedure. Yum with some hot rice, curd and my fav Lijjat papad ;)

  15. Cauliflower pickle looks great n different dear..Kiran, i like mayabazzar movie very much i got the dvd with me often watch that movie...

  16. Cauliflower pickle looks very nice and yummy, never tried it before will book mark.

  17. Cauliflower pickle sounds yummy. Haven't heard of this one before but sounds very interesting. Must try one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This sounds interesting and yummy, I didn't know that we could make pickle with cauliflower.....

  19. Ohh wow Kiran thats new to me.. Looks delcious...Nice tips too..

  20. Hey Kiran
    Picle looks so hot and tempting..never had cauliflower pickle...intresting..

  21. Lovely and mouthwatering pickle dear..thanks for sharing this recipe.

  22. Than you Rumana,Deepti,Swathi,Suma,Aruna,Priya,MD,Sathya,,Shriya,Treat&Trick,Jyothi,Jagruti and Faiza Ali.

  23. Nice spicy pickle dear...looks tempting :)

  24. Hey Kiran,

    Thank you so much for sending this tempting recipe to my event.

  25. Loved the step-by-step procedure of this dish..Do check out our space..glad to follow you..

  26. Thank you Gita,Jyoti and A2Z.

  27. Making Tis pickle was very easy. Thanks 4 ur simple step wise procedure. Kani Pachadi lo baga gujju (pulusu) ravali ante em chepandi plz.


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