Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reposting for Event Participation

People in old age are like little kids.They should not be deprived of delicious food.Instead they must be provided with right kind of nutritious food that helps them maintain their health and digestion and at the same time it should be delicious.The recipes I have posted here are all good for all ages of life and equally can be enjoyed by people in old age.All these foods below are low fat/fat free and low sugar/sugar free recipes and less in chilly spice too .

 These are some of the recipes I am reposting for participation in the following event :

Food for Ailments and Old Age event hosted by RV and Sudeshna .

01) Baked French Fries

02) Vegetable & Papaya Pizza

03) Apple Banana--Honey--Walnut Yogurt Cake

04) Bittergourd/Karela Chutney

05) Bottlegourd/Dudhi Paratha

06) Spinach-Cranberry-Bottlegourd Sambar

07) Broccoli Paratha

08) Broccoli-Yum-Yum

09) Pom-Agave Whole Wheat Cake

10) Cauliflower Stirfry

11) Cranberry Coconut Chutney

12) Plantain Peel Chutney

13) Kale Cranberry Drumstick Kootu

14) Cranberry Daal

15) Simple Tomato Cucumber Daal

16) Stuffed Eggplant

17) Quinoa Idly

18) Quinoa Kheer/Porridge

19) Quinoa Moong Daal Dosa

20) Oil Free Quinoa Dosa

21) Healthy Juices(2 Recipes)

22) Whole Moong Kheer

23) Instant Multi Grain Idly

24) Oats and Fruit Smoothie

25) Oats and Sooji Dhokla

26) Oats and Legumes Dosa/Oil Free Adai

27) Papaya & Yogurt Parfait

28) Healthy Porridge with Greens

29) Moong Daal Rasam

30) Tomato Yogurt Chutney

31) Potato Yogurt Chutney

32) Plantain Yogurt Chutney

33) Simple Poha

34) Banana-Strawberry-Granola Smoothie

35) Pineapple-Strawberry Smoothie

36) Cucumber Daal

37) Mango Daal


  1. Whoa Kiran, those are like super duper delicious recipes and I am very sure very healthy. Need to go through them one-by-one, they are a lot :)

  2. good list of delicious foods..

  3. All recipes sounds great dear,,nice entries for the event.

  4. A bunch of very healthy recipes...Happy Blogging dear.

  5. hi new to ur blog..u have a loverly space and a wonderful collections of recipes!!

  6. Thank you PriyaM,Sowmya,Sathya and Jay for your lovely words.

    Saju thank you for visiting my blog and following and for your nice words.

  7. Kiran,

    All recipes sounds really great. You have lot of recipes.

  8. all recipes sounds healthy and delicious...good job.

  9. Thank you Swathi and Suman for liking the recipes.

  10. Suman thank you for visiting and for your nice words.


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